After finishing homework for the winter holidays all night, the boy woke up to find “all of them bitten by dogs” broke down and cried | International | QUANTITY

A boy in Fujian, mainland China, stayed up for a few days to finish his homework over the winter holidays. When he woke up, his family’s pet dog bit him to pieces, causing him to break down and cry. (Photo/Weibo Flip)

The students are about to start school, and some students are used to rushing to do their winter homework before school starts, but a boy in Fujian, mainland China, stayed up late for several days to finish his winter homework. t helped to break down and cry, and my family kept comforting me.

According to comprehensive ground media reports, the incident happened on the 5. In order to complete the winter holiday homework, a boy in Fuzhou, Fujian, worked through the night for several nights in a row. Finally, he finished his homework before school started. The homework had been bitten by the family’s pet dog and torn to pieces. Seeing such a dire situation, he immediately collapsed and cried until he couldn’t make a sound His family quickly comforted him , while the dog looked on as if nothing had happened.

After the video was revealed, it sparked heated discussions among netizens, who left messages like “It’s really broken… If you think about it, you might even feel very desperate”, “The dog’s face looks like it’s in love”, “Maybe it’s crying because there’s no such thing as it Tear before doing homework”, “Take the dog to school and to give to the teacher”, “One has an innocent face, one laughs out loud, the other is full of bullshit”.

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