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  After five days and four boards, in the evening of November 28,Anzhong(002667) Change in stock priceannouncementDisclosure of the latest developments in China: The company is planning to acquire a company’s equity.

  AnzhongIs a member of this year’s bull stock camp.Therefore, the previous disclosure of the proposed acquisition of newshareholderLithium resources, “among” the lithium battery trackAnzhongThe stock price has soared and has risen by more than three times since the beginning of the year.

Since November 19, Anzhong has successively announced the establishment of wholly-owned Yichunyou Lithium Technology Co., Ltd., and participation in Jiangxi Lingneng Lithium Industry Co., Ltd. and other “lithium”-related layouts. In the past week, the stock has soared by nearly 40%.

  Disclosure of plans to acquire shares of a company after stock price changes

According to the mostNew crotchPrice change announcement, Anzhong is planning to acquire a company’s equity, which is not expected to constitute a major assetReorganization. The reason for the acquisition is to “further extend the industrial chain and optimize the industrial structure.”

The new acquisition plan is still in the “masked” stage. Anzhong has not disclosed the specific name of the target company, shareholder information, etc., but only introduced the company’s business field as non-metallic mineral processing; mineral product processing and sales.

  Anzhong shares stated that the matter is in the planning and negotiation stage, and the plan has not been determined, and no agreement has been signed. There is still greater uncertainty, and it will perform the information disclosure obligation based on the progress of the matter.

It should be pointed out that before the disclosure of this equity acquisition, Anzhong shares’ previous acquisition plan is still in progress.

On August 5 this year, Anzhong and related parties signed the “Cash Purchase Assets Intention Agreement”, intending to use its own funds to acquire the Komsomolsk Qiangqiang Investment Partnership (Limited Partnership) (hereinafter referred to as “Qianqiang Investment”) holdings Some Tongan Minerals Development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Jiangxi Tongan”) 51% equity in Yifeng County, Jiangxi Province.

The transaction party Qiangqiang Investment is a shareholder who holds more than 5% of Anzhong’s shares. In April this year, Anzhong’s shareholder Beijing Zhonghe Jinsheng transferred 16.32 million shares held by it to Qiangqiang Investment for a total transfer price of 260 million yuan. . The latter thus holds 7.06% of Anzhong’s shares, becoming the company’s third largest shareholder.

The target Jiangxi Tongan holds 70% equity of Dingxing Mining and 49% equity of Xingli Technology. According to the “Acquisition Progress Announcement”, as of August 5, 2021, Dingxing Mining holds a total of 6 porcelain clay mining rights, and the total identified resource reserves in the mine are about 60 million tons. The main components of the ore minerals are: potassium albite, laphurite, lepidolite, tantalite, tantalite, etc. It can be seen that these ores are closely related to the hottest lithium resources at the moment.

Xingli Technology is the main operating body of the supporting ore processing plant. The current raw ore processing capacity is 500,000 tons/year. After the transaction is completed, the project is expected to mine about 1.35 million tons of raw ore and produce about 900,000 tons of potash albite powder and lithium concentrate. About 300,000 tons, equivalent to about 23,000 tons of lithium carbonate equivalent.

  Anzhong is mainly engaged in the research and development, manufacturing, sales and service of mining, construction and road construction machinery and equipment, and belongs to the construction machinery manufacturing industry. The acquisition of Jiangxi Tongan’s equity also means that the company continues to expand its upstream raw ore mining and beneficiation business on top of its original main business of mining machinery.

Recently, many investors are also asking questions about the progress of the acquisition on the interactive platform.

  Five days and four boards have risen more than three times during the year

lithiumBatteryIt is the most popular track at the moment, and Anzhong shares, which entered the lithium battery sector, naturally took the wind.

Since the introduction of Qiangqiang Investment as a shareholder of the company in April this year, the stock price of Anzhong shares has risen from less than 10 yuan per share to a stage high of 38.91 yuan per share during the period. So far in 2021, the stock has risen three times annually.

  The third quarterly report shows that the number of shareholders of Anzhong has doubled. As of the end of the third quarter of this year, the number of shareholders of the company was 20,100, compared with only 8,006 in the previous half-year report.

It is worth noting that in the past week, Anzhong shares have accelerated their rise and achieved 4 daily limit in the last 5 trading days (November 22 to 26). The current price of the stock is RMB 27.80 per share and the market value is approximately RMB 6.4 billion.

Judging from the after-hours data, hot money is the main driving force behind the recent surge in Anzhong shares.In the most recent 3 trading days as of November 26, the top five buyers of this stock are allBrokerageSales department seats, and during the period of trading operations are available.Among them, the “buy one” position is HuaxinSecuritiesThe Shanghai branch bought 25,989,300 yuan and sold 3,699,400 yuan during the seat period.

Institutions appeared on the seller list. Among them, the “Sell Two” institutional seats were sold for 15.1283 million yuan and bought for 6,998,400 yuan; the “Sell Five” institutional seats were sold for 10,231,200 yuan and bought for 9,631,500 yuan.

Looking back at the news, in addition to the just-disclosed equity acquisition plan, Anzhong also announced successively to invest in the establishment of subsidiaries involving “lithium”.

After the market on November 19, Anzhong disclosed that it planned to invest 50 million yuan in its own funds to establish a wholly-owned subsidiary Yichunyou Lithium Technology Co., Ltd. On the evening of November 25, the company issued another announcement that it intends to jointly invest 100 million yuan to establish Jiangxi Lingneng Lithium Co., Ltd. with Gongqingcheng Yide Investment Partnership (Limited Partnership) and Yichun Danchen Lithium Consulting Center (Limited Partnership). Among them, the company subscribed and contributed 51 million yuan with its own funds, accounting for 51% of the registered capital of the joint venture.

  Regarding the aforementioned plans to establish a new company, Anzhong shares stated that it is conducive to expanding the company’s industrial chain, conducive to the long-term development of the company, and in line with the company’s long-term development plan.

In terms of financial data, in the first three quarters of 2021, AnzhongOperating income159 million yuan, an increase of 56.80% year-on-year, achievingNet profit-16 million yuan, which turned from profit to loss year-on-year.

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