After ordering he won 110 million pork belly … Tears at most no-show

“No show business ruined on Sunday”
Claims “Dive after booking 1.1 million earned”

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There is controversy surrounding the claim that the weekend business was ruined because of a ‘no show’ that did not turn up after booking, like a restaurant. He is said to have ordered 110 million pork belly which gained value and went into hiding.

On the 18th, an article entitled ‘Sunday business was ruined by no-show’ was posted on the online community Bobae Dream.

Mr A, whose parents run a pork belly restaurant, said he received an order call from a man at 9:50 that day.

According to Mr A, Mr B, the man in question, asked the restaurant, “It’s a mountaineering club, and 50 people are coming down from the mountain, so book a place.”

At the request of Mr. B, Mr A’s parents ordered 1.1 million won raw pork belly and hurriedly started preparing side dishes. But Mr B started not answering the phone.

In a series of phone calls, Mr. And to speak to an old man who is believed to be the mother of Mr. After hearing that “my son has gone out,” warned Mr. which he would report as “an obstacle to business,” and then he received a call from Mr.

Mr. asked. B to Mr. And again, “Everything is coming now,” and “Set up 50 people.” However, when Mr. A for depositing 200,000 won as a deposit, Mr B asked for the account number and it disappeared again.

Person A said, “The damage is huge,” and “My parents are upset.” Netizens showed reactions like “Be sure to report it”.

Meanwhile, according to the legal community, it is possible to punish no-shows with intentional actions such as obstructing work, but it is difficult to impose legal sanctions because it is difficult to prove intentionality. The opinion of the legal community about no shows is that a change should be made in the awareness of some citizens rather than the law.

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