After Taiwan’s stock price-earnings ratio falls to the bottom, four major semiconductor themes can be deployed | Anue Juheng- Taiwan Stock News

Taiwan stocks have tumbled 273 points today (20), and have fallen 3,200 points, or 17.1%, since the January high. CITIC Investment Trust said that the current minimum price-earnings ratio of Taiwan stocks has fallen to 11.3 times, which is at a relatively low point. , after the bottom, the application of the four major semiconductors such as automobiles can be deployed in diversified themes.

Foreign investors sold over 107.815 billion yuan in Taiwan stocks last week, ranking first in emerging markets. Zhang Guihui, manager of CITIC Taiwan Wisdom 50 ETF (00912-TW), said that Taiwan stocks have been volatile due to the impact of U.S. stocks in the short term, and they have fallen deeply in the short term. Observe CNN Money The “Fear & Greed Index” has reached 15, indicating that the market has entered an extreme panic and has the opportunity to start a deep rebound.

The current lowest price-earnings ratio of Taiwan stocks is almost 2 times the standard deviation of the 5-year average, reaching 11.3 times, which is at a relatively low point.

In terms of stock selection strategy, macroeconomic visibility has decreased, and component inventory is still high. Market rumors that South Korean semiconductor manufacturers will further strictly control component procurement. Zhang Guihui analyzed that short-term chip manufacturers are clearing inventory. Market quotations have fallen, and you must pay attention to applications with weaker demand. The impact of the accelerated inventory depletion, but the long-term will still help the normalization of the industrial supply chain, such as automotive, high-speed computing, Internet of Things, industrial control and other semiconductor applications will continue to push the theme of diversification.

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