After the APEC summit ended, Zhang Zhongmou revealed the details of his interaction with Xi Jinping: he talked about these two things – Politics – Central News Agency

Chinese President Xi Jinping. (Photo/Central News Agency)

The 2022 APEC Economic Leaders Meeting ended today. The outside world is worried about whether Taiwan’s leader Zhang Zhongmou had interacted with Chinese President Xi Jinping. Zhang Zhongmou said that he greeted each other in the lounge yesterday morning. He congratulated Xi Jinping on his 20th. National Congress Xi Jinping also praised him for his good looks.

When asked by the media if he expressed his concerns about the stability of the Taiwan Strait to Xi Jinping, Zhang Zhongmou said, “No.”

Zhang Zhongmou flew to Bangkok, Thailand on the afternoon of the 17th, which is his 5th time representing President Tsai Ing-wen and the 6th time representing Taiwan.

Zhang Zhongmou held an international press conference tonight, and the media asked if he had greeted Xi Jinping, or had any communication during the leaders’ meeting. Zhang Zhongmou said, “I interacted with President Xi.” They greeted each other in the lounge yesterday morning, “I congratulate him on his 20th success.”

In response to Xi Jinping’s greetings, Zhang Zhongmou said that he had mentioned to Xi Jinping that he had an operation on his hip last year. After hearing this, Xi Jinping said that “the situation looks good now; Zhang Zhongmou pointed out that both parties are “very happy and very polite.” o”.

Regarding whether the members mentioned the Taiwan River peace issue during the summit, Zhang Zhongmou said that although not everyone specifically mentioned this issue, many leaders have expressed their strong desire for regional peace, stability and resilience. “There should be no doubt about this.”. (Editor: Lin Kelun) 1111119

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