After the expiration of the contract, GOT7 surprised the fans. With the release of new songs

Feb. 24, 2021, 05:01 a.m.

“Muay Sa” has arrived !! “Muay Sha …” with entertainment news report “Right Here Right Now …” when GOT7 made a surprise to fans. With the release of a new song with a music video like ‘Encore’ on February 20, after the beginning of January, GOT7 ended their contract with the original agency. But still make a strong promise to the fans that they all want to keep making music for their fans So keep the promise with the fans, the release of ‘Encore’, this new single is a special message to the fans of the group IGOT7, known as Agase, called the release immediately, it became # 1 on iTunes, our home and more. 34 countries immediately, including becoming the # 1 trend on Twitter worldwide. Listen to GOT7’s new single ‘Encore’ now on Spotify, Apple Music, Joox, TrueID Music, and watch their music video on YouTube Channel: GOT7 by Warner Music.

As for this work, Bambam – Kan Pimuk Phuwakun, single! After releasing some behind-the-scenes stills for the fans to miss out on, JAXX recently released a few video clips of BamBam during the filming of the new ad. Sent directly from South Korea to see BamBam’s work intentions. Want to see the brilliance of BAMBAM? You can watch the clip today on Fan page FB Jaxx Mun Station and wait to watch the new advertisement of BAMBAMxJAXX soon. In addition, there is also an activity JAXX giving away a Tumbler.
set BAMBAMxJAXX Limited Edition (Carry-on water bottle) can be continued until April 15.

Featured News

Open to raise the team – Nadao Bangkok in conjunction with LINE TV opens a complete cast of the LINE TV Original Series team “Translate Love Me With You, Part 2”, both Obnithi, Koi-Aratchaporn, Na-Napat, Boss – Kamol-Pipat, P-Sarit, Ta-Thaninrat, New-Chayaphak Sermthap 2, actor Buakin-Putthipong and PP-Krit, begins Thursday 27th. This May on LINE TV.

My condolences Senior actor Chim – Panadda Komaratat loses Father Sunai Komaratat by having a prayer ceremony with Father Sunai Komatatat at Phromwongsaram Temple. Or Wat Luang Pho Nen (Sala 8) on 24 February 2021 at 17.00 hrs. Prayer starts at 6:30 p.m. for the cremation ceremony on 25 February 2021.

On Monday, March 1, Dr. Anek Phanthirat, boss of the “Phanthurat Record” camp, sends the former heroine of Likay, a beautiful woman who turned to the mic, releases a new single Come open your heart to a live interview in the people program, with Top Sarawut Ploypradab as the emcee at noon, watch over hundreds of entertainment channels, PSI box, C-Band system number 66, Infosat box, C-Band system number 66 GMMZ box, C-Band system, number 66, can be viewed back every day from 6 p.m. on the page “Khon Luk Thung”, but if contact the artist show of Phanthirat Record camp, go to sing and dance show, call 08-2591-2591.

Suw … Su … sha … Because of the high flight hours in reading entertainment news that there are both true and fake stories Make the host of the hottest young women of the entertainment day “Bai Toey-Pornpajee Sirisit” understand the industry, open your heart to new love with Director Joe – Lt. Col. Thitisan Young celebrity police This event is sweet. Passed the family checkpoint because it was in the eyes of adults Across every drama!


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