After the green light from the government to exempt VAT – Digital Token “Xspring” is preparing to establish an ICO Portal

Xspring Digital Co, Ltd (XD) pointed out that the digital ticket market in 2023 is busy with positive factors after the cabinet approved the exemption of corporate income tax – VAT from ticket sales. Preparing to pin the ICO Portal business, with the aim of attracting more than double the number of customers entering the portfolio this year. As of now, there are more than 10 clients in the pipeline, including clients with digital tokens to invest. and digital tokens for leverage

Mr Thanasak Kritsanaserani, Interim CEO of Xspring Digital Co, Ltd (XD), said that in 2023, digital assets in the form of digital tokens are likely to return to interest and create excitement in the market again. After the Cabinet (Cabinet) approved the draft royal decree. Regarding the exemption from corporate income tax and sales tax for companies or jurisprudence partnerships for income and the value of the tax base (sales revenue less cost) arising from the sale of digital investment tokens offered to the public in accordance with the law governing the business of digital assets. And VAT exemption for the transfer of digital token sales for investment made from May 14, 2018 onwards (back to the date the Royal Decree on the Business of Digital Assets BE 2561 came into force). This is an important supporting factor that will stimulate the private sector who already want to raise money by issuing digital tokens. But in the past, the plan has been put on hold pending the clarity of that law. being able to make decisions more quickly Including creating opportunities for people who do not have the need to raise money in this form yet to come and study and extend to opportunities to expand their business in the future.

Such factors not only stimulate the digital asset market in the digital token category to become more active. It also encourages ICO portal operators to benefit from tax exemptions as well. Because it will increase the number of people seeking advice on issuing digital tokens for investment. Especially the new generation of entrepreneurs who are interested in technology. It is a new alternative to raising money and creates opportunities for investors to have fairer access to a variety of investment sources.

Likewise with Xspring Digital, which this year has more than 10 clients who have come to ask for advice on issuing tokens for investment and digital tokens for use. In this number, they will enter the process to submit an application for permission to sell digital tokens (filing) to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) soon. Xspring Digital therefore aims to get more than double the number of customers in the ICO Portal this year, which will make Xspring Digital continue to be one of the leading ICO Portal groups in Thailand.


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