After the threat, President Yoon launches the Aegis ship to block North Korean missiles… “Deep regret” you won’t see

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Shortly after Chairman Kim Jong-un threatened to even mention his real name, President Yun Seok-yeol emphasized strong security by attending the launching ceremony for the next-generation Aegis warship capable of striking the North Korean command.
The National Security Office said it was “deeply sorry” for the threat and said it had “strong readiness”.
Reporter Hwang Jae-heon reports.

【 reporter 】
About three hours after North Korean leader Kim Jong-un’s threatening remarks became known, President Yun Seok-yeol attended the launching ceremony of the Navy’s next-generation Aegis destroyer, the ‘Jeongjo the Great’.

The 8,200-ton class King Jeongjo, which is capable of intercepting North Korean missiles and also equipped with surface-to-surface ballistic missiles capable of striking the North Korean command, can pose a great threat to North Korea by itself.

President Yoon emphasized strong maritime security in his congratulatory address.

▶ Interview: Yoon Seok-yeol / President
– “I have infinite trust in the naval officers who defended the sea and defended the NLL. I hope that you will keep our seas strong with the spirit of fighting.”

In a statement, the National Security Office said, “We express our deep regret for making threatening remarks while mentioning the real name of the president.”

▶ Interview: Kang In-sun / Presidential Office Spokesperson
– “We have a constant readiness posture that can respond strongly and effectively to any provocations from North Korea, and we will protect national security and the safety of the people based on the strong ROK-U.S. alliance.”

The South Korean military also analyzed that Chairman Kim Jong-un’s remarks were not a new threat, but foretold a strong response by strengthening the ‘three-axis system’.

The military also plans to strengthen the response system by conducting the ROK-U.S. joint exercise, which North Korea is most sensitive to, from the 22nd of next month, and resuming anti-aircraft fire drills at the ‘Wagonship Shooting Range’ near the Military Demarcation Line, which was closed in consideration of inter-Korean relations. no see.

This is Jaeheon Hwang from MBN News.

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