After two months of individual lameness… Dramatic agreement to appoint ruling party secretary for overprotection

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With the power of the people, the Democratic Party of Korea agreed on the 20th to appoint the party secretary in charge of the Science, Technology, Information and Broadcasting Communication Committee of the National Assembly. More than two months have passed since the opening of the National Assembly at the end of the 21st century.

Representative Park Seong-joong, who was appointed secretary of People’s Power and Defense on the 20th, met with a reporter after meeting with Chung Cheong-rae, the chairman of the over-defense, and said, “I decided to deal with the appointment of a secretary with” r Democratic Party today.” “I’m going to express my remorse,” he said.

It was decided to discuss later the situation of the 2nd sub-committee for the defence, which was identified as the cause of the conflict between the opposition parties and the opposition parties.

Previously, the Democratic Party argued that the second half of the second half belonged to the party, as Crym y Popl, the opposition party at the time, took over the chairmanship of the second sub-committee in the first half. On the other hand, Grym y Popl protested that there was no such agreement at the beginning, and that the second sub-committee should be held as it is in the first half.

In the end, on the 18th of last month, the Democratic Party voted independently for the composition of the second sub-committee, chaired by Rep.

In the second sub-committee, there is a discussion about reorganizing the governance structure of public broadcasting, where there is a big difference between the opposition parties and the opposition parties. The Democratic Party is pushing for a bill to amend the Broadcasting Act, which requires 25 members of KBS and MBC to appoint a president, and the people’s power is “a bill where civic groups and media unions of a nature democratically take control of broadcasting.” was strongly opposed.

By Maeng Jin-gyu, staff reporter

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