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[Llais Gobaith, Mawrth 21, 2023](comprehensive report by our reporter Yue Liu) Uyghur activists have renewed calls for the International Criminal Court (ICC) to investigate the Chinese authorities’ genocide against the minority and demand the arrest of Chinese President Xi Jinping.

On March 17, the International Criminal Court issued a global arrest warrant for Russian President Vladimir Putin for ordering the illegal deportation of Ukrainian children and forcing them into exile in Russia.

On March 21 (Tuesday), “Fox News” revealed that members of the East Turkestan government-in-exile and the East Turkestan National Movement are calling on the International Criminal Court to hold Xi Jinping as accountable as Putin.

It is reported that the International Criminal Court has received requests many times before: to investigate reports of forced relocation, arbitrary arrests, detention in concentration camps, human medical experiments and various human rights violations (including genocide against the Uyghur minority). in Xinjiang Province, But the court refused.

The ICC claims that because Beijing has not signed the Rome Statute that established the court in 1998, it does not have jurisdiction in China to investigate the alleged crimes.

However, some facts refute these claims. The ICC was investigating cases of abuse against the Rohingya minority in Myanmar, which also does not recognize the powers of the ICC, so the court traveled to Bangladesh – a signatory to the ICC – to do its work on the curve.

The Uyghur population who fled to Tajikistan, which borders Xinjiang Province, and other countries friendly to the International Criminal Court can also receive equal treatment from the International Criminal Court.

Regarding the arrest of Russian President Vladimir Putin, although neither Ukraine nor Russia is a party to the Rome Statute, the spokesperson of the International Criminal Court pointed out that the court can pursue Russian human rights violations because Ukraine has accepted the jurisdiction to investigate such crimes.

“As a court, the ICC has jurisdiction over certain categories of crimes: if they (crimes) are committed by citizens of a country, parties to the Rome Statute of the ICC or have accepted the jurisdiction of the ICC (such as Ukraine has declared to accept jurisdiction the International Court of Justice) on the territory of the United Nations Security Council.” “However, this is not the case in China (the CCP).” A spokesman for the International Criminal Court said Fadi. Fadi El Abdallah told Fox News.

“The International Criminal Court has no jurisdiction over the crimes that China is accused of,” he added.

Genocide, if proven, is also considered illegal under international law as defined by the United Nations Charter. Exiled East Turkestan Prime Minister Salih “We call on the ICC to take steps to hold Chinese leader Xi Jinping accountable for his ongoing genocide and crimes against humanity against Uyghurs and other Turkic peoples,” Salih Hudayar said in a statement. .

“By investigating the ongoing genocide and arresting Xi Jinping for his direct role in this 21st century ‘massacre’-like genocide, the ICC must uphold justice and fulfill its mandate of ‘never happen again’,” he said.

Xi Jinping is currently on a state visit to Moscow. On March 20 (Monday), US Secretary of State Blinken (Bulinken) severely condemned him to go to Russia after Putin was wanted around the world, as a “diplomatic cover” for Putin to support “war crimes continuous” Russia.(Detailed reading: Exploding to change the world order, Xi Jinping met the “trembling” Putin, who criticized the US: “covering” war criminals)

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