After Witt, Royals doubled the college talent in the 2019 draft MLB

After Witt, Royals doubled the college talent in the 2019 draft MLB

Coming into this year's draft, there were two main stories for the Kansas City Royals. Firstly: whether the Royals would choose the second overall option, the first time they chose because they took Mike Moustakas second in 2007? Second: the Royals continue a college-heavy strategy after 11 consecutive college players choose to open last year's draft?

After the three-day draft, we have answers to both questions. The Royals chose Bobby Witt Jr, MLB 16 year old vet Bobby Witt, with the second overall choice, an option that surprised anyone. Witt was the mind of the scouts for years, and after a satisfactory senior year of the high school where Witt received the Gatorade National Player of the Year, the hype established the second overall. Witt has great power for a short time and has been compared to Colorado's Rockies.

And for the second year running, the Royals concentrated on the college players for almost all of their drafting. After two direct years, it is no longer a consultation. There were three extra pick at Kansas City within the first 100 overall. Shortstop Brady McConnell-teammate Florida of 2018 drafted Brady Singer Royals and Jackson Kowar-the 44th resort. Pitchers Alec Marsh from Arizona State and Grant Gambrell from Oregon State were the 70th selection and the 80th overall choice, respectively.

The Royals selected only six high overall students, while Erick Figueroa was the only other high student within the top 1000 choices, choosing 469 overall. The choice of the Royals was particularly popular with regard to college weapons. Of 41 overall selections, select the Royals:

  • 12 college job players
  • 23 college pitchers
  • 4 high school striker
  • 2 high school hatch

Not every player will sign, but many of them will. Most players go to the tutorial series in Arizona or one of the two short-season pre-season series in Burlington or Idaho Falls.

Draft Draft Draft 2019

Round Pick Player Post school Notes
Round Pick Player Post school Notes
1 2 Bobby Witt Jr. SS Colleyville HS (TX) Heritage A short system of five tools that could be with excellent eternal life
2 44 Brady McConnell SS Florida Draft sophomore eligible; Elite tools but suspicious hit tool
CBB 70 Alec Marsh RHP State of Arizona Mix five pitches, all of which are ordinary playing fields
3 80 Grant Gambrell RHP Oregon State 6 'righty with fast fast fast 90s to mid 90's and good curveball
4 109 Michael Massey 2B University of Illinois High contact, low power infielder with protective acumen to be a utility guy
5 139 John Rave CF State of Illinois In addition to runner with good power, it may be in the middle of the long term
6 169 Dante Biasi LHP Penn State This year, 102 strikes were received in a three-quarter slot of a quarter quarter in 74 engines
7 199 Noah Murdock RHP Virginia 6 '8' with 6.33 ERA, but it is returning from Tommy John;
8 229 Drew Parrish LHP Florida State Right right with solid impossible, 3.RA college ETC, and good change
9 259 Clay Dungan SS Indiana State Hit .305 / .406 / .481 in the pioneering role with Indiana State
10 289 Anthony Veneziano LHP Coast Carolina Large 6 '5' southpaw with low-90s fastball, raw pitcher with some walking issues
11 319 Vinnie Pasquantino 1B Old Dominion More than ten 15-year career referees reached a career
12 349 Adam Lukas RHP Evansville A hard driver that can wear triple digits but below the control medium
13 379 Tyler Tolbert SS Alabama – Birmingham Significant improvements each year of the college but remain in contact with people at all times
14 409 Justin Hooper LHP UCLA Threw in the mid 90s from frame 6 '8' before Tommy John arrives in 2018, now low-90s
15 439 Sean Bretz RHP Houston ERA career college of 2.29 with K rate of more than inning batter
16 469 Erick Figueroa RHP Juan Jose Maunez HS (PR) Pitcher 6 '6, was at 4' and 229 pounds as a 13 year old man in the World Series of Small League
17 499 A.J. Franklin LHP Vanderbilt High-impact but high ERA rate as compensation for 2018 injuries
18 529 Burle Dixon NO Cosumnes River College There is a good chance that the center will have a stick and a cargo with power that it could enter
19 559 Austin Manning LHP USC Boom boom or bullock with strike and high-sky walking rates
20 589 Cody Davenport RHP Central Arkansas Excellent control, closed the senior year with 1.98 ERA in 15 startup game
21 619 Matthew Stil RHP Rowan College in Gloucester County Low-90s speed, it turns 19 after the draft
22 649 Jake Means 3B Indiana State .312 / .414 / .475 hitter over the lifetime of the college with a 10% walking rate
23 679 Elliott Anderson LHP Auburn 4.13 ERA and 9.11 K / 9 over 24 games
24 709 Alex Smith LHP Memphis 9.42 K / 9 regarding college career to accompany ERA 5.35
25 739 Josh Broughton 3B State University of Valdosta A dual carriageway player with an average of .357 over 221 AB
26 769 Jay Charleston NO Tennessee Quick field indicator with 38 stolen bottom in one game 56, only 0.591 OPS
27 799 Zack Phillips LHP Miss Ole 3.81 college ERA over 36 games
28 829 Riley Boyd RHP Jefferson College The mid 90s confused, over a batch against the collapse in the college despite control issues
29 859 Jon Beymer RHP Wabash Valley College 6 '3', correct 180lb with 15.3 K / 9 over 10 incorporation
30 889 Jimmy Govern 2B East Illinois OPS of 1.002 passed the senior year as far as 14 HR
31 919 Mikey Filia CF University of California – Irvine .653 OPS over 54 games with 6 stolen coins
32 949 Saul Garza Q LSU .309 / .366 / .493 Slash with 5 home races in 146 PA
33 979 Patrick Smith LHP Purdue Solution started with 5.10 ERA in 17 games and 2: 1 K / BB ratio
34 1009 Justin Fall RHP CC Brookdale JUCO competition is over-powered by ERA 1.95 which has good match and not yet much else
35 1039 Jonah Dipoto P UC San Diego Marine Mac GM Jerry DiPoto, 89-92 spends high turnaround rates on secondary parks
36 1069 Andy Martin CF Hialeah HS HS (FL) Plus rnner, brother outside MLB Leonys Martin, toolsy
37 1099 Reggie Crawford RHP North Schuylkill HS (PA) 6 "Your player two ways, he could hit or park if he signs it
38 1129 Augue Sylk RHP USC After injury, the breast contains limited activity
39 1159 Jorge Corona Q Miami Killian HS (FL) 6 '2' excluded from commitment to Louisiana
40 1189 David Estevez RHP Pembroke Pines HS Charter Plays '1' reliever, football too
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