aftermath! “Halloween”, the superstar is full Haunted Championships: PPTVHD36

Can’t bang! For star artists who dress up to compete in haunting in “Halloween” (31 Oct ’20)

7 ghost festivals from around the world

The team “Clean Heart Beat” plays big! Create a ghost look to welcome “Halloween”

It is another festival that entertainment people are very heavy, full of prop, very tight, Mom !! For the night Halloween Or the release date of a ghost That falls on October 31 of each year Let me tell you that this year, each person is showing off to social media a lot Dressed and hit the inner ten, not broken whether it was Chompoo Araya, Yaya Urassaya, Bambam GOT 7, Nichkhun 2PM, Mak Prin, Kimberly, Mai Davika, Bai Fern Pimchanok, Patti Angsumalin, Dewarisara Etc.Who will bang Puriye how much? We included pictures to see.


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