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Lange futures afternoon report: futures are mixed, slightly lower

On the 21st, the 2301 thread futures opened at 3655 and closed at 3642, the highest was 3678 and the lowest was 3630, down 48, down 1.3%;hot roll2301 opened at 3740, closed at 3677, the high was 3740 and the low was 3671, down 57, down 1.53%;iron oreShi 2301 opened at 696 and closed at 692 at noon, the highest was 703.5 and the lowest was 686.5, down 18, down 2.54%; raw materialscoke2301 opened at 2680 and closed at 2676, the high was 2708 and the low was 2665.5, down 17.5 or 0.65%;

Spot: Today’s domestic market price is a bit lower, specifically

Beijing Market:RebarThe price is 4030 yuan, fixed;

Hangzhou Market: rebar price is 3910 yuan; down 20 yuan;

Xi’an Market: rebar price is 3950 yuan, down 10 yuan;

Wuhan Market: rebar price is 3940 yuan, down 10 yuan;

Chengdu market: rebar price is 3950 yuan, down 20 yuan.

According to Lange Steel Network monitoring, as of press time, the average price of 25mm third-grade rebar in the ten major cities in the country is 3,956 yuan, down 26 yuan from the previous trading day.

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