Agabang & Company vegan skincare brand ‘Puto’s Disney Edition’ launches 2 types of hypoallergenic infant sun pact containing moisture essence

PUTTO, a baby skincare brand developed by Agabang & Company, announced that it has launched two types of vegan sunpact that can be safely used with children ahead of the full-fledged summer season.

The Puto Disney Edition Sun Pact is a pact type with a mirror attached to two types of Princess Sun Pact Winnie the Pooh Sun Pact, and children can apply it easily and funly using the built-in puff. to arouse the desire for a small intestine by applying

All Pyuto Disney Edition products have received domestic vegan certification to realize the value of respect for life, and have completed skin irritation tests, so they can be used with confidence even on delicate baby skin.

It is a 100% inorganic UV blocker that creates a protective film on the skin to reflect and block UV rays.

It also contains mild ingredients such as Centella asiatica extract, ceramide NP, fig extract, and lecithin to help soothe and care for sensitive skin.

Meanwhile, to commemorate the release of the Disney Edition Sun Pact at Pyuto, you can find a total of 11 Pewto Disney Edition 9 types and 2 Sun Pact types at a 30% discount for a week at Agabang Mall ( can

In addition to this, we plan to hold an event to spread rumors about the launch through Pyuto’s official Instagram, and present genuine Sunfact products as a gift through a lottery.

An official from Agabang & Company Pyuto said, “Sun care should be taken care of not only in summer but throughout all four seasons for healthy skin, but Pyuto Disney Edition Sun Pact contains mild ingredients and is suitable for children aged 6 months or older who start going out to adults who are looking for a pre-product without skin irritation. You can use it with confidence, and it is a fact type that is portable, so you can take it with you when you go out.”

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