again? This draw’s lottery, the prize for 3 page numbers is the same as the previous draw, exactly the same!

There is something to be shocked about check lottery check lottery together again,Government lottery results Daily installment 16 November ’22 1st prize number 121789 and prize, number 3 page out 722, 532, last 3 digits out 157 , 973, last 2 digits out 64

But what is other fun in this installment Prize for 3 page numbers published in this draw, the number 722 matches the prize of the 3 page number in the previous draw, the draw on November 1, 2022 which published the same number 722

Which goes back to the previous installment, on November 1, 2022, there was excitement around once. After the 1st prize number in the draw mentioned above, number 913106 is almost identical to the 1st prize number of the previous draw (October 16, 2022) published number 613106, only 6 and 9 are different.


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