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Against strong relatives, Hojoong Yun 野 The head of the hospital… Start of the 4th wave match

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On the 18th, the end of the race for the national power in the park rose. In addition, while the Democratic Party elected the ‘core of the parent’s family’ and Rep. Kang Sung-in Ho-joong Yoon as the in-house representative, a fierce four-quarter battle is expected for the position of the leader of the 1st opposition party to counter this.

Rep. Kim Ki-hyun, the power of the people, is holding a press conference for’running for a candidate in the hospital’ at the Seoul National Assembly Communication Hall on the 18th. 2021.4.18 Reporter Oh Jong-taek

On this day, first lawmakers Kim Ki-hyun (4th line, Ulsan Nameul) and Kim Taeheum (3rd line, Boryeong, Seocheon, South Chungcheong Province) threw out votes. Their common message is “checking the arrogant ruling party.” Rep. Taeheum Kim, who declared the run for the first time, said, “Despite the stern warnings of the people, the Democratic Party re-established its line as’Road Chinmundang’ and foreshadowed the dictatorship of the parliamentary dictatorship and the legislative runaway.” “If the Democratic Party runs the same craziness-style National Assembly as in the past, we will fight without holding onto the job.”

On the morning of the morning of the 18th, Rep. Taeheum Kim is declaring the'People's Power' in the National Assembly Communication Hall in Yeouido, Seoul.  2021.4.18 Reporter Oh Jong-taek

On the morning of the morning of the 18th, Rep. Taeheum Kim is declaring the’People’s Power’ in the National Assembly Communication Hall in Yeouido, Seoul. 2021.4.18 Reporter Oh Jong-taek

Rep. Kim Ki-hyun also announced that afternoon, “I will lead the people’s victory with’Zhuge Liang’s resourcefulness’ against the huge ruling party that is in pride of arrogance.” In particular, Rep. Kim emphasized, “I am a victim who directly experienced the destruction of the constitution and the rule of law of the Moon Jae-in regime,” and “I will overwhelm the ruling party with moral superiority.” Rep. Kim is the party who raised the suspicion of intervention by the Blue House and the police after running as a candidate for the Ulsan Mayor of the opposition party during the 2018 local election.

On the 19th, 4th senator Kwon Seong-dong (Gangneung, Gangwon), and on the 20th, 3rd senator Yu-dong (Pyeongtaek, Gyeonggi) will run for the in-house representative election. The national power is scheduled to announce the election day as soon as the National Assembly’s question on the government ends on the 19th and 21st and hold the contest as early as the 26th, with the deputy representative Joo Ho-young expressing his appreciation.

This contest has a number of political meanings in that it will be held immediately after the victory of the 4·7 re-election. This is because the new presidential representative will not only check the Moon Jae-in government’s power leak on the way to the March 9 presidential election next year, but will also be involved in the integration of opposition powers as a member of the party leadership.

One of the points of spectating is the controversy of’Yeongnam-dang’. Former emergency response committee chairman Kim Jong-in and the first group within the party have already publicly voiced, “We must leave the Yeongnam Party”. There has not been a schedule for the National Assembly to select a new representative yet, but most of the candidates discussed are from Yeongnam. Inside and outside the party, there is an analysis saying, “If both the representative and the in-house representative are filled with Yeongnam lawmakers, it is disadvantageous for the expansion of the support base.” Among the four candidates, Kim Ki-hyun, who used to be a judge, is the only one from Yeongnam. Regarding this, Congressman Kim said, “At least 40 days after the election for the in-house representative is completed, the party representative election is held, and no one knows who will run at that time.”

His relationship with former prosecutor general Yoon Seok-yeol is also of interest. There is nothing set about whether former President Yun will join the people’s strength or when if he does. However, in the end, there is no disagreement within the power of the people that it is an opponent to be united with. For this reason, the power of the people needs to maintain a smooth relationship with former President Yun in some form. Rep. Kwon Seong-dong, a former prosecutor, is said to have a close relationship with former President Yoon.
Former President Yoon is also called a “Chungcheong area candidate” because his father is from Chungcheong (Nonsan, Chungcheongnam-do).

By faction, Rep. Kwon Seong-dong and Kim Ki-hyun are the former pro-Lee Myung-bakgye, Kim Tae-heum is the former pro-Park Geun-hye-gye, and Yu-dong is the pro-Yoo Seung-min class.

Among the candidates, four elected lawmakers Kim Ki-hyun and Kwon Seong-dong have been campaigning against lawmakers for a long time. Therefore, there are many analyzes within the party that view the election as a’two-gang (Kwon Seong-dong, Kim Ki-hyun) -2 middle (Kim Tae-heum, Yuui-dong)’ composition. Nevertheless, the opinion that “you need to open the ballot box to know” is also insatiable due to the nature of the in-house representative election. Rep. Yu-dong, a relative latecomer, is 49 years old and is the only one in her 40s and from the metropolitan area, while Rep. Tae-Hum Kim emphasizes strong fighting power. One 3rd lawmaker said, “As the current issues are so many, we need a representative in the hospital who can handle both reform and struggle.”

Reporter Sung Jiwon sung.jiwon@joongang.co.kr

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