Against the Chief of Staff of the Presidency, the Attorney General’s Office opened a preliminary investigation – La Campana Newspaper

Laura Sarabia, who speaks in the ear of the head of state, and other officials to be determined, are in the eye of the Public Ministry.

The Office of the Attorney General of the Nation opened a preliminary investigation against the head of Cabinet of the Presidency of the Republic, Laura Camila Sarabia Torres, and other officials to be determined, for the alleged irregularities presented when submitting to the polygraph test a Marelbys Mezawho worked at the official’s home as her son’s babysitter.

The events under investigation would have occurred on January 30, at the facilities of the Galán building, attached to the Presidency of the Republic, in downtown Bogotá, where Marelbys Meza would have been taken by people who apparently were part of the security scheme of Sarabia Torres, pto establish if he had stolen cash from the official’s home.

The precise control body that, although it was possible to identify one of the possible offenders of the disciplinary law, “It is necessary to carry out a preliminary investigation in order to identify other servers who could have participated in the events”.

Among other evidence, the Public Ministry requested the Administrative Department of the Presidency of the Republic, copy of the existing protocol for carrying out the polygraph testas well as informing who is obliged to take it, in what events and the data of the officials who performed this test on the former babysitter, Marelbys Meza.

Likewise, the Office of the Attorney General of the Nation was asked to report whether Laura Sarabia reported to that body the theft of money suffered in her apartment.


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