Agase road “Tam Warawut” is madly in love with “Jackson Wang”, following close to the edge of the stage.

Agase road “Tam Warawut” is madly in love with “Jackson Wang”, following close to the edge of the stage, fighting for life! Working to save money to buy a house at 28

Coming to Thailand this time creates a feeling throughout the country that has it all. for top young artists “Jackson Wang” or “Jackson GOT7”, including the young actor singer “Tam Warawut” who even agreed to buy tickets to attend the concert on the edge of the stage Recently, I has come to open the door on this matter in the Toh Noo Mam programme. Workpoint Channel 23 with the host “Nu Mam Suriwipha” and updates about the house under construction now that it is almost finished.

“Go and see, I like it a lot. I even go with every show until I have no clips, no pictures to hold back because I watch so much. Some days, all shows may not be the same until we have to collect all three days. For example, some days, Jack will take off the shirt. The second day, he doesn’t take off, so we have to keep every day. Like me, it’s really sad that I only watched it for one day. I am so happy that I bought a ticket for 5,500 baht. I became a fan of it since the Covid period. And usually, when I watch Korean idol groups, I don’t remember anyone’s face. Because the face is sold out when it comes to dancing, they are all the same, but GOT7 is the only group I can remember. They will be an idol group with the same pose but with different designs. So we remember easily and follow and watch old clips. During the Covid period, he was a handsome man, but he didn’t care about his handsomeness. Like playing games, they like to win. The ethics are similar.”

.I like it to the point of getting up at the airport. I mean, during that time he came, I missed a lot of events. Like there is an event he organized that we could go to as his party and get an invitation card. I didn’t go, I was stuck filming. And then there was a job, he was a presenter, contacted me to go, I didn’t go because I was busy. because of work Is my life a concert, not an airport.

“Mine is a fighter, starting from the ground. Living in a mansion that is red soil, always fighting, but I love entertainment, like to make others smile, like to make others have fun. who did not think at first that we must become stars It is like fighting. but not knowing how to fight for love That is, we fight and we enjoy it too until we finally become stars. From singer to host At first, I felt I couldn’t do it because I was a speaker, so the person who would be the host had to be able to speak in the middle. because people from other states will come and say Or if the people of Bangkok listen to it and are disturbed by their ears, it should not be. “

“He started from the 4 Spades program and became an MC without knowing it. And we come to sing, make shows, play plays, play funny, funny, which has to open and close this program, we learned from there. So now there are 3 programs in total. It’s fun. I like it. I’m happy to be MC. There are two programs that we are very good at and items that we are not very good at. If the item we are not good at, we have to do a lot of homework. We have to find a moment to fight what we are not good at.”

“Do it for the money. Because I can’t choose I’m a person who likes to whistle. Some items that are quite serious and sensitive will want to get tense and fear that it will not be afraid of not being good. Afraid anything will go out and it will turn into a drama, I must apologize in advance. He is building a house now. I have to thank myself, thank you for my instinct, thank you to my parents for raising us this way and we fought to be this way. Looking back, I have never regretted what I missed. Because of the things that failed me, I succeeded until today.”

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