Agent Mission: A Thrilling National Security Counter-Espionage Drama Redefining Urban TV

The highly anticipated national security counter-espionage drama “Agent Mission,” directed by Zhao Baogang, is currently gripping audiences as it airs on Dragon TV and other platforms. This thrilling series puts the spotlight on the unsung heroes of national security counter-intelligence operations, showcasing their relentless fight on the hidden frontlines. Kang Keren, who stars in the drama as Jiang Xiaohua, recently sat down for an exclusive interview with a reporter from the Beijing News to share her insights on the unique narrative of “Agent Mission.”

Describing the story as one that merges elements from the gaming world, Kang Keren explains how the drama combines the challenges and puzzles of a virtual game with the intense operations carried out against foreign espionage organizations. She finds this fusion of the virtual and real world fascinating and believes it adds an intriguing layer to the show.

In “Agent Mission,” Kang Keren portrays Jiang Xiaohua, a cool and savvy girl with short hair who embodies a “tomboy” persona. Jiang Xiaohua is not only a skilled game master but also an expert in hacking technology, making her a formidable force in the series. Kang Keren acknowledges that taking on this role has been a thrilling and challenging experience, especially in terms of breaking gender stereotypes. To fully understand and embody this character, she has closely observed other cool girls and incorporated their mannerisms and behaviors into Jiang Xiaohua’s persona. Kang Keren strives to portray Jiang Xiaohua as decisive and unwavering in her actions, enhancing the character’s sassy personality.

Despite Jiang Xiaohua’s seemingly cold and distant demeanor, she is surprisingly reserved when it comes to forming relationships and tends to hide her true feelings. Kang Keren admits that she shares this aspect of her character’s personality. However, in the game world, Jiang Xiaohua is able to forge instant friendships and readily offers help to her allies. Kang Keren is amazed by this transformation and exclaims, “It’s so amazing!” Furthermore, Jiang Xiaohua holds strong moral values and is always ready to assist her friends, regardless of any difficulties they may face.

During the interview, Kang Keren reflects on the challenges she faced while interpreting the character of Jiang Xiaohua. She admits that capturing Jiang Xiaohua’s carefree nature was a daunting task, as she had to carefully consider her approach to each scene. Kang Keren was concerned about striking the right balance between authenticity and overacting, ensuring that her performances accurately portrayed Jiang Xiaohua’s character. Additionally, she recalls a skating scene at the beginning of the plot where she fell down while filming due to not having skated for many years.

When asked about the most memorable scene from the series, Kang Keren mentions a particular long lens shot where she had to walk and talk simultaneously. The director wanted the scene to feel authentic, so they had food vendors selling their products in the background. However, it turned out that the pot in which the food was being cooked had no steam at the beginning, contrary to what the director had requested. This attention to detail impressed Kang Keren, highlighting the director’s unwavering commitment to authenticity and refusal to deceive the audience.

Speaking about her experience working with director Zhao Baogang, Kang Keren praises his exceptional ability to guide the actors. She describes him as extremely serious, approachable, and always willing to help the cast develop their roles. Despite joining the cast relatively late, Kang Keren received valuable suggestions from the director regarding her lines and the emphasis on each sentence. This attention to detail further emphasized the director’s dedication to ensuring the logical coherence and accuracy of the performances.

When asked about her future aspirations as an actress, Kang Keren expresses a desire to explore cooler and more daring roles. She hopes to immerse herself in experiences that challenge her usual boundaries and fulfill her long-held ambitions. Playing the role of Xiaohua in “Agent Mission” has been immensely enjoyable for Kang Keren, leaving her eager to take on more diverse characters in the future.

Overall, Kang Keren’s insights into her portrayal of Jiang Xiaohua reveal the depth and dedication she brings to her role in “Agent Mission.” With its captivating storyline and strong performances, this drama promises to engage audiences and offer a unique blend of entertainment and intrigue.

Article by Liu Wei, Beijing News Correspondent
Edited by Xu Meilin
Proofread by Zhao Lin

The new national security counter-espionage urban drama “Agent Mission” directed by Zhao Baogang is currently airing on Dragon TV and other platforms. The drama focuses on national security counter-intelligence operations, showing the audience these unsung heroes fighting on the hidden front. A few days ago, Kang Keren received an exclusive interview with a reporter from the Beijing News and said that, in her opinion, the story of “Agent Mission” was introduced from the game, developing puzzles one after another, by combine the game world of passing five levels to kill six generals, upgrade and fight monsters, and The operations against foreign espionage organizations are integrated, “the combination of virtual and real is very interesting.”

In the drama, Kang Keren plays Jiang Xiaohua, a cool girl with short hair who is like a “tomboy” She is a game master and proficient in hacking technology. and it is also very challenging for their gender. Kang Keren bluntly said that Jiang Xiaohua took a neutral path in the drama, so she also observes more cool girls and gets close to this character from some details of life and words and actions. Jiang Xiaohua has a sassy personality, so she strives to be more decisive and unhesitating in her posture and movements.

Kang Keren plays Jiang Xiaohua. Photo provided by the interviewee

Although Jiang Xiaohua has a simple and cold personality, she is very reserved when it comes to relationships and will hide it when she meets someone she likes. Kang Keren admitted that he was very similar to Jiang Xiaohua in this aspect. But Jiang Xiaohua has transformed in the game world and can call friends at any time. This makes Kang Keren exclaim, “It’s so amazing!” Moreover, Jiang Xiaohua is a righteous person. Kang Keren said with a smile, “To his friends, it doesn’t matter if they have If you have any difficulties, just ask Jiang Xiaohua!”


Beijing News: What is the biggest challenge or difficulty for you in interpreting Jiang Xiaohua?
Yasukato:Her carefree character is not easy to grasp. Every scene I would think more about the way to interpret it. I was worried that it would be greasy after the performance, and if it was weak, it probably wouldn’t be to Xiaohua’s character. In addition, there is a skating scene at the beginning of the plot, as I haven’t skated for many years, I even fell down while filming (laughs).

Beijing News: What is the most impressive scene of the play?
Yasukato:It was a scene shot with a long lens. You had to walk and talk at the same time. Finally, the camera stopped and vendors were selling food in the background. But there was no air in the pot at the beginning. What the director said was untrue. How could things in the pot not be steaming while he was cooking? Then we stopped as a group and waited until we felt more energetic before shooting. The director is a maniac for details, no matter what he does, he must pursue authenticity and not deceive the audience.

Beijing News: What is the special feeling about working with director Zhao Baogang?
Yasukato:The director is particularly able to indicate the direction to the actors, he is extremely serious and approachable, and he is also particularly willing to help us actors with their roles. I joined the cast very late for this role, but the director still gave me a lot of suggestions on my lines during the scene, paying great attention to the logical emphasis of each sentence, whether the meaning was correct, etc.

Beijing News: Is there any type of role that you are particularly keen to try in the future?
Yasukato:I also want to try cooler roles so that I can experience things that I usually can’t do or always wanted to try but didn’t have the courage to do. This time Xiaohua was very enjoyable to play (laughs).

Beijing News Correspondent Liu Wei

Editor Xu Meilin

Proofread by Zhao Lin

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