[Agoriad cyfnewidfa NY]Risk forward to prevent US financial turmoil from worsening | FX News – ZaiFX!

◆ Zai FX! “Top 3” reader recommended Forex companies released! [* Yn ogystal â’r 4ydd i’r 10fed safle cyffredinol, cliciwch yma am safleoedd yn ôl eitemau cymharu mawr fel “lledaeniad (cost trafodion)”, “pwyntiau cyfnewid”, ac “a argymhellir i ddechreuwyr”! ]

Zai FX! Popularity ranking “recommended FX company” selected by readers!

[Lle 1af ar y cyfan] GMO Click Securities “FX Neo” Main specifications of GMO Click Securities “FX Neo” USD/JPY spread Minimum trading unit number of currency pairs Fixed at 0.2 cents 1000 currency 20 pairs [Pwyntiau a argymhellir o GMO Click Securities “FX Neo”]

Highly functional trading tools are supported by many traders. In particular, the operation of the smartphone app is very good, and the specifications such as spreads and exchange points are perfect, soRecommended accounts for all types of tradersin. If you prioritize the good trading environment when choosing an FX account, it can be said that it is an FX account that cannot be excluded from the options. [Erthyglau yn ymwneud â GMO Click Securities “FX Neo”]
■ Explain the merits and demerits of GMO Click Securities “FX Neo”! We also present comparisons with other companies such as spreads and exchange points, campaign information, time to open an account, and required documents! ▼ GMO Click Securities “FX Neo” ▼

[2il yn gyffredinol] SBI FX Trade Main specifications of SBI FX Trade USD/JPY spread Minimum trading unit number of currency pairs 0.18 to 1.40 sen 1 currency 34 pairs [Pwyntiau a argymhellir ar gyfer masnach SBI FX]

all currency pairsYou can trade from “1 currency” unit, scale 1/1000 of general FX accountis the biggest feature! For those new to Forex and those looking for a Forex account for trading small amounts, this is a Forex company you definitely want to check out. It has a good reputation for its narrow spreads, and you can place orders of up to 10 million currencies in one transaction, so you can continue to use it for a long time even after your trading volume increases and you can you earn money. [Erthyglau yn ymwneud â Masnach SBI FX]
■Presenting the recommended points for SBI FX trading, “spreads”, “exchange points”, “number of currency pairs dealt with”, etc.! ▼ SBI FX Trade ▼
Click here for SBI FX Trade official website

[3ydd yn gyffredinol] “Gaika Next Neo” Main specifications of “Gaika Next Neo” USD/JPY spread Minimum trading unit number of currency pairs Fixed at 0.2 cents(9:00-27:00, with exceptions) 1000 currency 30 pairs [Pwyntiau a argymhellir o “Gaika Next Neo”]
A popular FX account for many traders with the narrowest spread and extensive industry knowledgein. The learning content that can be taken according to the level of each person, from beginners who are new to FX trading to intermediate and advanced users who aim to improve their skills, is also attractive. There are plenty of tools that support trading, such as comparison charts and functions that predict the future of the market. [Erthyglau yn ymwneud â “Gaika Next Neo”]
■ “Gaika Next Neo” recommended points, “spread”, “exchange points”, “number of handling currency pairs”, etc. are presented together! ▼ “Gaika Next Neo” ▼
Click here for official website “Gaika Next Neo” *There are exceptions for all spreads. This table is based on data from March 3, 2023, so it may differ from the latest information. Please check each company’s official website for the latest information.


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