Agra Gold Mine Phichit-Phetchabun is now open! After fighting for more than 6 years

Akara Resources, the only gold mine owner in Thailand It is an auspicious time to press the button to start the smelter on March 20, 2023. After fighting for more than 6 years, go ahead to create jobs, create careers, and the local economy has returned to vitality. Ready to send money to 4 funds in accordance with the conditions of the law.

Mr. Cherdsak Attaaroon General Manager The Corporate Sustainability Department, Akara Resources Public Company Limited, disclosed that the company received a letter from the Phichit Provincial Industrial Office on March 15, 2023. noticing that the Company was granted mining and metallurgy operating licenses

And later, on March 16, 2023, the company received a mining license for the concession on the Phetchabun side. From the Phetchabun Provincial Industrial Office as well

which resulted in the company being able to operate fully. by maintaining international operating standards under the relevant laws and adhering to the principles of good governance with an awareness of social responsibility

The company aims to be an important part of job creation. driving the economy for the benefit of the surrounding communities and the country

On 20 March, 2023, Mr Varong Saranritthichai, General Manager of Corporate Management together with Mr. Chaolit Thongkam, Senior Production Supervisor Lives in Village No. 3, Ban Khao Din, Khao Jed Luk Sub-District, Thap Klo District, Phichit Province. who has been working with the company for more than 22 years as a press button operator representative and told his colleagues that

“For more than 6 years we have been fighting together. to bring our brothers home Today we have succeeded. Our community will no longer be alone.”

The atmosphere was full of joy from the workers who came to see pressing a button again. and as soon as we press the button of the machine This means press the button on to bring money into the economy immediately. The company has to contribute 4 funds to the fund, which is 21% of the mineral royalties the company pays to the government. or total should not be less than 65 million baht per year in accordance with the policy framework and strategic plan for the management of gold mineral resources. The result of this is that the money from the fund is used to drive the development of the quality of life of people in the community and public benefits in the area.

The company will proceed in accordance with the proposed action plan. In the first phase, only one metallurgical assembly plant 2 will be used. It will then start repairing the 1st metallurgical assembly plant and when the 2 metallurgical plants can return to full capacity. It will open up to more workers to support more workloads This will create 1,000 jobs directly and through joint contractors, which is a great pleasure. that the company helps people in the community to reunite with their families together As a result, the family organization is stronger.

Agra Gold Mine

In this regard, the approval of the issuance of a license for the opening of operations is in accordance with the procedures of the law and state policy. This can be seen from the time spent in the licensing process. which is understandable Regulatory agencies take time to conduct a thorough investigation.

“Agra complies with all required laws and procedures. There have never been any shortcuts over the years.”

However, the company would like to thank the Department of Primary Industries and Mines (DPD), Ministry of Industry. and government agencies involved in the work that allows for the trust granted. And thanks to community leaders and people around the pool for their tremendous support in returning to the company.

Agra Gold Mine

“It is important that mining is inseparable so that the mine can live with the community sustainably. is to lead everyone to move forward together without leaving anyone behind And this is one of our core missions.”


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