Agreement to provide AI recommendation solution to upstage children’s education platform

Upstage, an artificial intelligence (AI) startup, announced on the 4th that it has signed a business agreement with Glorang, an operator of an online education platform ‘Coog’ for ages 5 to 13, to provide a service that recommends lectures using AI.

Upstage plans to recommend ‘super-personalized’ classes (lectures) that provide customized benefits to Kug users according to their individual circumstances and needs.

Glorang has grown to become the number one non-face-to-face children’s education platform in Korea based on traffic by operating more than 2,000 classes since launching Kug in November 2020, Upstage reported.

Upstage CEO Kim Seong-hoon said, “We are delighted to provide a recommended AI solution that helps children to awaken their potential and help them grow through cooperation with Glorang.” “Based on Upstage’s AI technology leadership, We will make greater efforts to expand the base of the AI ​​ecosystem,” he said.

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