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Agriculture accelerates the construction of “low-cost air cargo agricultural products” during the COVID-19 crisis – Post Today economic-business news

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Agriculture accelerates construction of “low-cost air cargo agricultural products” during the coronavirus

Date 04 Jul 2021 time 21:08

Agriculture Minister has accelerated the progress of “low-cost air cargo agricultural products”, joining forces with the public and private sectors to help farmers expand export markets around the world. It is expected that by 2021, Thai food products are worth 1.08-1.10 trillion baht.

On July 4, Mr. Alongkorn Pholbutr, Advisor to the Minister of Agriculture and Cooperatives Revealed after the meeting on the development of the Air cargo system that Dr. Chalermchai Sri-on, Minister of Agriculture and Cooperatives, has ordered to accelerate the development of the Air Cargo System for exports. agricultural products and food It consists of the structure and systems of 3 important parts, namely Cargo Terminal, Air Cargo Fleet, and a comprehensive agricultural-food quality inspection center in Cargo Te. terminal by collaborating with the government and private sectors in the area Operates at Suvarnabhumi International Airport Don Mueang International Airport and ready regional airports such as Chiang Mai, Khon Kaen, Hat Yai, Phuket, etc., in order to increase Thailand’s competitiveness in agricultural and food exports to manage opportunities for Thailand under the COVID-19 crisis.

The Food Institute estimates that in 2021, Thai food exports will be worth 1.08-1.10 trillion baht, an increase of 10.2-12.2% compared to the previous year, despite the impact of the COVID crisis. reflecting the potential of Thailand For the Agricultural-Food Quality Inspection Center at Cargo Terminal, which serves as a certification service for agricultural and food products of crops, fisheries and livestock products in accordance with international standards, express services must be provided. Service) One-stop service Use modern technology to reduce the time and cost of private sector both import and export to achieve the goal of becoming ASEAN’s agricultural and food production and transport hub Mr Alongkorn said Dr. Chalermchai informed the meeting that he had a preliminary discussion with Mr. Saksiam Chidchob, Minister of Transport about the agricultural air cargo project. and giving advice to the Minister of Agriculture to expedite cooperation with all sectors asap

“In addition, the airline operator has presented the situation of the aviation business and the way to develop an air cargo airline in a Locost Air Cargo style, targeting the markets of China, Japan, Korea, the Middle East, Europe and the Americas at a service rate. Cheaper than the current shipping rates and agree with the policy of the Minister of Agriculture. Ready to cooperate fully because the export of agricultural and food products requires convenience and speed to be delivered to end customers around the world with quality and international standards. Air transport is the answer,” said Alongkorn.




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