Ah, there will be sue! Legendary is upset, Warner sends Godzilla vs. Kong to HBO Max and theaters

Both big movie production companies were upset that Warner Bros. announced that both of their films would debut on HBO Max and theaters without prior consultation.

Last week Warner Bros. Big news announcement that the company will submit all 17 big-screen films next year down HBO MaxAlong with the screening in the cinema Because of the COVID-19 situation, most theaters in the United States. Cannot be operated

The decision was extremely upset for the theater operators. But it doesn’t seem like that. Because the latest news that Legendary Entertainment Two film producers are Dunewith Godzilla vs. Kong Not satisfied with Warner Bros. plans as well.

Variety Claiming that Legendary Entertainment Preparing data And may decide to take legal action with Warner Bros. deciding to get their movie streaming on HBO Max prematurely without consulting first.

Which has news that Legendary Entertainment Know all the news before the public for only a few hours.

Legendary Entertainment It is also responsible for creating Dune with Godzilla vs. Kong and is also considered a majority investor in both movies.

Before Warner Bros. announced that it has the rights to distribute everything in the next year to HBO Max, there is news that Netflix I was interested in buying Godzilla vs. Kong to screen, but the Warner Bros. venture to create the film as well. Has opposed the said proposal

For film production company Legendary has been producing for Warner Bros. distribution since 2005. Batman Begins It is the first work that both companies have jointly created.

But the contract for the collaboration of the two companies ended in 2013 and Legendary’s side turned to the Universal Pictures Instead, there are some movies that Legendary still has a contract with Warner, especially the giant monster movie. Monster fresh at Kong: Skull Island and Godzilla: King of the Monsters



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