Ahn “Damages of both parties of vested interests… If the other side, King Sejong is treated as a bad guy”

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Presidential candidate Ahn Cheol-soo of the People’s Party criticized the Democratic Party and the people’s power, saying, “The two vested parties are the biggest harm to our country and are blocking the development of our country.”

Candidate Ahn said in a lecture hosted by the Saeol Cultural Foundation at a hotel in Incheon, saying, “Can a standard of judgment that protects one’s side even if it’s wrong and treats King Sejong or Yi Sun-Shin as bad guys on the other side can develop this country?” .

“That is the harm of camp politics, the harm of ideological politics,” he said.

Candidate Ahn criticized “Korea has stopped at the stage of progressing to the next advanced stage after successfully completing industrialization and democratization” because “it was entirely because of the old establishment political forces that were obsessed with the old way of thinking 40-50 years ago.”

Public criticism of both sides of the Democratic Party’s candidate Lee Jae-myung and People’s Power Yoon Seok-yeol continued.

Candidate Ahn raised his voice, saying, “The 5-5-5 strategy announced in November last year on how the Republic of Korea can survive the US-China war for technological supremacy was copied by Candidate Lee Jae-myung.” Aiming at Candidate Yoon, who made a seven-character one-line promise, he pointed out that “it is the right thing to do by revealing the overall concept and explaining to the people whether there is anything in balance and there is nothing missing.”

When asked by reporters how they would respond if the public opinion calls for a unified opposition candidate, Ahn declined to comment specifically, saying, “I believe the people will judge who is a more scalable and capable candidate for regime change.”



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