Ahn Hyun-soo refutes controversy over pension receipt… “I gave it my all”

Former Chinese national team coach Viktor Ahn, a former national short track speed skater who was naturalized as a Russian citizen, explained directly that he “gave the full amount” to the Olympic medal pension controversy that arose during the recent application. of training the Seongnam City Hall ice team.

Ahn Hyun-soo said on his SNS, “I decided it was right to return the entire amount of the Olympic medal pension received during the naturalization process in 2011, so I gave the entire amount to a child who needs heart surgery and a junior athlete who needs treatment .”

Victor Ahn posted a post saying he would tell the truth when some organizations claimed he was unfit to receive a pension lump sum right before naturalization after applying for the ice team coach job at Seongnam City Hall recently.

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