“Ahn Jung-hwan, Hyun Young-min won 1 million”… Lee Dong-guk “Can I give you 50,000 won?”

Money Today Reporter Ryu Won-hye | 2023.02.06 07:50

/Photo = JTBC ‘Come Together Kick 2’

The story of former football player Ahn Jung-hwan (46) has been revealed.

In JTBC’s ‘Come Together and Kick 2’, which aired on the 5th, the members faced a high school in Ulsan led by coach Hyun Young-min, a former soccer player.

Hyun Young-min remembered the experience of being indebted to Ahn Jung-hwan. After retirement, he took commentary for the 2018 Russia World Cup with Ahn Jung-hwan, and Ahn Jung-hwan passed on his knowledge at the time.

Hyun Young-min expressed his gratitude, saying, “When we were active as commentators together, he called me into the room and took care of various things I needed for commentary, such as eye drops, memo pads, and bookkeepers.”

In addition, Ahn Jung-hwan is said to have even given Hyun Young-min pocket money. Hyun Young-min was surprised as he said, “At that time, he gave me an allowance. It was more than 1 million won in Russian money.”

/Photo = JTBC ‘Come Together Kick 2’

Lee Dong-guk, who heard this, was displeased, saying, “I bought a person with money,” and he laughed, saying, “All I did was three times and received 50,000 won.”

Ahn Jung-hwan then said, “Didn’t I also monitor the commentary for you?” He said, “When I first started commenting, it was difficult because nobody let me know.”

Meanwhile, Hyun Young-min helped Lee Dong-guk do his first commentary.

Lee Dong-guk said, “When I said I was commenting, (Hyun Young-min) came to my house and told me about it.

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