Ahn Jung-hwan “Only Hiddink and Lee Hye-won tamed me”… Heo Jae “Every time I’m more wild”[뭉찬]

JTBC’s entertainment’Combine to shoot’ broadcast screen capture © News1

Ahn Jung-hwan, who was the director of ‘Come Together,’ has changed positions with Heo Jae, who was a priest.

In the first episode of JTBC’s entertainment show’Combine to shoot’, aired on the 7th, the appearance of legends united for a new challenge was drawn. On this day, heo Jae was seated in the coach, and Hyun Joo-yup was appointed as the coach, and the basketball game with the’legends’ was announced.

On this day, Heo Jae was appointed coach, wearing a flower necklace, and waiting for the basketball team members with a fluttering heart with coach Hyun Joo-yeop. However, when he saw Ahn Jung-hwan, who was his former manager, came in, he grabbed his head as if he was expecting a rough road ahead, and finally made the viewers laugh.

In fact, Ahn Jung-hwan taught and trained former agricultural player Heo Jae with strong charisma at the time of the filming of’Come Together.

JTBC entertainment’Combine to shoot’ broadcast screen capture © News1

Unexpectedly, Sungjoo Kim and Yongman Kim said, “Speaking of the facts, Ahn Jung-hwan said that he would not. Until a few days ago, he said that the muscles used in soccer and basketball are different, and he was disappointed, “I want to be together.” Released.

In addition, Ahn Jung-hwan said, “Is it okay anyway? The only people who tamed me are Hye-won and Hiddink.”

However, Heo Jae tried to show the appearance that he did not lose by saying, “I am more wild than Jung Hwan,” but he stuttered the words such as saying that the wild horse was’Yasang Horse’, making him laugh because he was nervous.

To this, Ahn Jung-hwan added a meaningful comment, saying, “This board is running fun.”

After hearing this, Kim Seong-ju and Kim Yong-man said, “Now I’m talking, but Heo Jae and Ahn Jung-hwan (playing soccer together) had a hard time in their hearts. They had a lot of discomfort when training.

Meanwhile, Heo Jae, who was promoted (?) as a manager, said, “Pick the fine from Jung Hwan. I don’t think he will listen to him.” He throws an irrational number from the beginning and embarrassed Ahn Jung Hwan, and those who watched it were in the honey chemistry of the two. Added anticipation.


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