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(Export News Intern Reporter Lee Ji-eun) Hwang Hee-chan, a Korean bull, appeared in ‘Mungchan 2’.

On the 19th, JTBC’s ‘Cheap Up Season 2’ (hereafter ‘Mungchan 2’) aired on the 19th, a ‘global project special’ prepared by Ahn Jung-hwan was drawn.

Kim Seong-joo drew attention by saying, “Director Ahn Jung-hwan prepared a global project.” Ahn Jung-hwan raised the expectations of the players by saying, “Our condition has improved very much. This is a project we prepared with the hope that we can do better here. We have prepared an opportunity to receive coaching from players who are active overseas.” .

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In the words of Ahn Jung-hwan, the members of ‘Mungchan 2′ mentioned various global soccer players such as Son Heung-min, Hwang Hee-chan, and Hwang Ui-jo. Ahn Jung-hwan gave a hint to the members’ expectations, saying, “If you give me a hint, he is the player who scored in his debut match in the PL.” He then added the words, “And made the world-class defender Van Dyke to his knees,” giving the members confidence.

To Ahn Jung-hwan’s hint, Kim Seong-joo said, “Isn’t this a very decisive hint?” As Kim Seong-ju said, ‘Mongchan 2’ members all expected Hwang Hee-chan. When Ahn Jung-hwan said, “There is a nickname for a Korean bull,” everyone said, “If this is enough, everyone can shout his name.”

Hwang Hee-chan appeared in everyone’s expectation. All the members admired Hwang Hee-chan’s appearance while kicking the ball.

Photo = JTBC broadcast screen

Reporter Lee Ji-eun baynio@xportsnews.com

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