Ahn Min-seok’s warning “It’s not true that Kang Yong-seok’s Jo Dong-yeon allegations…

Lee Jae-myung (left), the presidential candidate of the Democratic Party of Korea, delivers a greeting at the announcement of the election of the camp’s co-permanent elections held at the Democratic Party of Korea in Yeouido, Seoul on the 30th of last month. Dong-yeon Cho, a professor at Seokyung University, who was appointed as the co-chairman of the right. News 1

He is the general special head of the Democratic Party’s Election Response Committee. Ahn Min-seokthis Regarding the allegations of personal life of Cho Dong-yeon, co-election chairperson, he warned that “the person who raised the issue should be held responsible”did.

“The person who raised the problem” refers to lawyer Kang Yong-seok. Lawyer Kang said on his social networking service (SNS) Facebook account the day before, saying that “there are a lot of reports about divorce” along with a claim that it is part of it.

In an interview with YTN Radio’s ‘New Morning of Hwang Bo-sun’s departure’ on YTN Radio on the 1st, Assemblyman Ahn confirmed the question, “Is it fake news?”

Regarding Chairman Cho, he said, “The people seem to want a camp like this. In the end, it seems that Lee Jae-myung’s choice and determination were good.” “Isn’t the storytelling perfect?” He added, “I look forward to the second and third Jo Dong-yeon.”

Chairman Cho is an expert from the Military Academy who studied military science, aerospace, and international development. In particular, she was highlighted as a ‘working mom in her 30s born in 1982’. After announcing the appointment of Chairman Cho on the 29th, the Democratic Party held a recruitment ceremony for him the day before.

When the host asked, ‘He has emerged as an expert in the space industry, but there are also skeptical views,’ Rep. Ahn dismissed it, saying, “Isn’t he in his 30s? As an expert, there are still many ways to go, so I don’t care too much.”

“Lee Nak-yeon moves a lot under the water for ‘chemistry'”

Former Democratic Party leader Lee Nak-yeon makes a declaration of support for presidential candidate Lee Jae-myung at the inauguration ceremony of the 20th Presidential Election Countermeasures Committee of the Democratic Party of Korea held at the KSPO Dome in Seoul Olympic Park in Bangi-dong, Songpa-gu, Seoul on the afternoon of the 2nd of last month. National Assembly Photo Correspondents News

Rep. Ahn also explained the reason for temporarily closing the bulletin board of the Democratic Rights Party on the same day. He said, “People who advocate ‘anti-Lee Jae-myung’ dominated most of the bulletin boards on the website.

“It is a misunderstanding that former CEO Lee Nak-yeon does not help Lee, and it is not true,” he emphasized. Assemblyman Ahn said, “(Former CEO Lee) is moving a lot under the water in the process of collecting ‘chemi’.

“Lee Jun-seok’s hidden secret, the situation Yoon Seok-yeol wants”

In the midst of a conflict between Lee Jun-seok, representative of People’s Power, and Yoon Seok-yeol, presidential candidate, about the recruitment and operation of the Election Countermeasures Committee, a poster of Lee Jun-seok and Candidate Yoon is attached in the hallway of the National Power’s Office of the National Assembly on the 1st. By Oh Dae-geun

Rep. Ahn argued that Lee Jun-seok, the representative of the People’s Power, was “a situation that candidate Yoon Seok-yeol intended or wanted”. He continued, “It’s like asking whether the party leader is doing something like this, but if it’s too shabby, you have to think carefully whether the party leader will resist or counterattack like this,” he said.

He said, “Candidate Yoon has a strong power to take the initiative, the so-called ‘grip’. I see,” he added.

It is known that CEO Lee canceled all schedules scheduled the day before and did not even contact the people’s power leadership. It is said that he had turned off his cell phone all day. However, he appeared in Busan in the late afternoon of the previous day. The reason for the trip to Busan has not been confirmed.

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