‘AI Earring Girl’ is hot in the Dutch art world… “offensive” vs “creative”

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‘Girl with a Pearl Earring’ Vermeer’s original work (right) and artificial intelligence (AI) imitation

[율리안 판디컨 인스타그램·위키피디아 등 캡처. 재판매 및 DB 금지]

(Seoul = Yonhap News) Reporter Kim Dong-ho = An exotic turban wrapped around her hair, a strange expression looking back over her left shoulder with her head slightly turned, and even big eye-catching earrings.

At first glance, it looks like a modern reinterpretation of Johannes Vermeer’s masterpiece, ‘Girl with a Pearl Earring’, completed in 1665, but on closer inspection, the feeling of alienation persists.

The jewelry on her ears shines like an LED bulb, and the red freckles on her cheeks look a little unnatural.

In fact, this is because it is the work of artificial intelligence (AI), not drawn by a person.

While the Mauritshuis Museum in The Hague, Netherlands recently loaned Vermeer’s original work to the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, he argued and displayed a number of simulations of lovers in its place. Reported on the 10th (local time).

Visitors watching ‘Girl with a Pearl Earring’ taken by AI

(AFP = Yonhap News) On the 9th (local time) at the Mauritshuis Museum in The Hague, Netherlands, a visitor looks at a replica of ‘Girl with a Pearl Earring’ created by AI. Resale and DB prohibited.

The local art world is said to have been involved in a fierce debate over whether AI’s works belong to art and whether they deserve to be displayed in museums alongside other historical masterpieces.

Julian Pandikorn, a creator in Berlin, Germany, heard that the Mauritshuis Museum was holding an exhibition with a girl with a pearl earring as a motif, and presented a painting created by AI, ‘Girl with a Shining Earring’.

Based on millions of related images on the Internet, he completed the work by entering the stimulus (command) he thought of in the AI ​​’Midjourney’ which generated images. Photoshop, an image editing program, was also used.

The museum displayed 170 of the total of 3,482 pieces received in digital form in the exhibition room where the original work was located, and only 5 pieces, including those submitted by Pandicon, were selected carefully and hang the true copies (printed copies).

A number of works were exhibited in the museum

[마우리츠하위스 미술관 제공. 재판매 및 DB 금지]

Looking at the pictures and paintings presented, there were many parodies and homages in inventive forms, such as dolls, dinosaurs, ducks and fruit. In some cases, a 3-year-old child or a 94-year-old man appeared instead of the ‘girl’.

“It was surreal to see my work in a museum,” Pandicon said on his Instagram account.

However, some in the Dutch art world criticize this exhibition harshly.

In an interview with the local media, the writer Iris Compit said, “It is an insult to Vermeer’s legacy and to the artists at work.”

He disparaged AI tools for infringing other artists’ copyrights, and said the paintings themselves were Frankenstein-like.

Five works selected by the Mauritshuis Museum. Pandicon’s AI work lies in the middle.

[AFP 연합뉴스 자료사진. 재판매 및 DB 금지]

However, Boris Demunik, director of public relations at the museum, explained, “It’s a controversial work, and there are pros and cons among people.”

He said of Pandicon’s entry, “If you look closely, the freckles look a bit scary, but we think this is a great painting and it was a creative process.”

“What is art and what is not art is a very difficult question,” he added. “Young people say AI is new, but older people say they prefer traditional painting.”

Last year, a work created by AI midjourney in the digital art category at the Colorado State Fair Art Competition in the US
‘Space Opera Theatre’
(Theatre D’opera Spatial) rose to number one causing controversy.

The original ‘Girl with a Pearl Earring’ is on loan at the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam.

[AP 연합뉴스 자료사진. 재판매 및 DB 금지]

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