Ai Fukuhara discovers “backing” “Billions of cohabitation” “Rolls Royce transfer” Winners’ life of restarting in the middle of Ginza | Smart FLASH[光文社週刊誌]

“Josei Jishin” released on July 5 reports the existence of Ai Fukuhara, a former table tennis representative from Japan, and the “backing” that supports it.

Fukuhara continues to live with Mr. A, a former major trading company man, in an apartment that is said to be owned by 300 million yen. His move is a luxury car, and he has been seen returning home in Rolls-Royce. It is said that this elegant life in Fukuhara, where work is drastically reduced after her affair, is made up of a Chinese trading company.

“This trading company is responsible for part of the management of Mr. Fukuhara’s work related to the 50th anniversary of the normalization of diplomatic relations between Japan and China. It seems that it is something that has been done.

As expected, Mr. Fukuhara. Even after the turmoil, its popularity in China will remain high to some extent. In June, her ex-husband, Chiang Hung-Chie, said that Fukuhara plans to visit Taiwan to meet her children, but this time, Fukuhara is asked by “Women themselves” and answers. It never happened.

The eldest daughter who gave birth in 2017 celebrates her fifth birthday, and the eldest son born the following year is also three years old. When will parents and children meet again? “(Entertainment writer)

In September 2021, after divorcing Mr. E, Fukuhara moved the company he serves as the representative director to the center of Ginza. He seemed to be steadily preparing for a restart, but since then he hasn’t seen any noticeable activity through the company.

In February 2022, an acquaintance woman from Fukuhara responded to this magazine’s interview.

“When I got to the table, a strange man was sitting next to Ai. I was surprised when he was introduced to me,” A-kun. “(Omitted) When Mr. A left his seat, he said,” I, I was declared remarried, saying, “I’m going to marry this person.”

Fukuhara got a solid “backing”. No matter how criticized he is

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