‘AI Yoon Seok-yeol election campaign’ scandal … “Impeachment possible”, “Election dissatisfaction”

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In today’s politics, AI Yoon Seok-yeol is on the cutting board.

A video of President Yoon, made with artificial intelligence, was used in the election campaign for the power of the people.

The Democratic Party argued that the president was impeached, and countered that the people’s power was dissatisfied with the election.

Reporter Shin Soo-ah reported.

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An election campaign video in which AI Yun Seok-yeol explains the promise of Namhae-gun, Gyeongsangnam-do.

On the right, the name of Park Young-il, the People’s Power of the People’s Power candidate, Namhae County, is floating on the right, and the voice of AI Yun Seok-yeol is heard.

[AI 윤석열]

“The Yun Seok-yeol government will make Namhae-gun a good place to live with you and a hopeful Republic of Korea.”

Park Ji-hyun, co-chair of the Democratic Party of Korea, brought up “Impeachment of the president” over this video.

If President Yoon knew and tolerated the production of the video, he clearly violated his duty to be neutral in the election, so he could be impeached.

He also argued that if a candidate made a video without the president’s permission, it would be a crime of false information under the Election Act, and that an investigation should be initiated immediately.

Then, Lee Jun-seok, the representative of People’s Power, immediately refuted.

It is said that someone only crudely edited the AI ​​Yun Seok-yeol video produced during the last presidential election, but the president did not intervene in the election.

He also criticized that talking about impeachment three weeks after the inauguration of the government is dissatisfaction with the election.

[이준석/국민의힘 대표]

“It is malicious and deliberate to bring the word impeachment to the surface while talking about the president’s interference in the election.”

Even when President Yun Seok-yeol completed four Busan itineraries, from the Ocean Day event to a visit to the Jagalchi market a day before the local elections, the Democratic Party protested, saying, “He caused controversy over election interference.”

[신현영/더불어민주당 대변인]

“I agree with President Yoon’s remarks about the Busan World Expo, but it’s questionable whether it’s a matter of arguing with fire enough to visit Busan the day before the election.”

In this regard, the presidential office drew a line in the controversy over election intervention, saying, “If you have an election in mind, it would be better to go to an area where the situation is more difficult.”

This is Shin Soo-ah from MBC News.

Video coverage: Koo Bon-won / Video editing: Kim Hyun-guk

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