Aiki Hook, cancellation notice on the day of the concert? “We will take strong measures against defamation.”[공식]

Photo = Reporter Jinkyung Kim

The dance team Hook and Aiki have clarified the controversy over the cancellation notice on the day of the club concert.

On the morning of the 26th, ESteem Entertainment (ESteem) posted on the official Instagram story, “On Friday the 24th, we received a proposal for the performance through a related performance agency. After receiving the offer for the performance, the appearance was positively reviewed, but it was judged that the appearance was difficult due to Aiki’s schedule before and after the performance. In addition, after confirming that the name of the club received at the first time as well as the information about the event were different, it was finally decided that it was difficult to appear, and in about an hour, he announced his intention to refuse the appearance to the agency that sent the proposal.”

Earlier, a club caused controversy through SNS claiming that Aiki and the hook crew canceled the concert on the same day without consultation and paid guarantees to all the hook crew.

An ESteem official said, “I would like to state that the contract and guarantee paid by the club for all crew hooks claimed by the club is not at all true. it was carried out Our company, Aiki, and crew hook members were not involved. We would like to clarify that there was no prior sharing regarding the contract and guarantee payment.”

He continued, “Once again, we are sorry for the unauthorized theft and commercial use of the logo of the crew who appeared in ‘Swoopa’, which was not discussed in advance due to an error in the communication process between the agency and the club, and all the false facts claimed by the club. to express We will take strong action against the part that defames Aiki and Hook members with false facts.”

Hook, a dance crew led by Aiki, gained great popularity last year by appearing on Mnet’s survival program ‘Street Woman Fighter’.

By Jung Jin-young, staff reporter


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