Aim to become a slime master! First person sandbox “Slime Rancher 2” sucks and flies harmless slime and crushes it to the bone marrow[adroddiad ffrwydrol]| Game * Spark

In a rapidly changing world, the game industry moves at the speed of light, and finding which game is right for you can be a challenge for everyone. I want to know about new games right now, while dealing with my pocket budget and time to play. “Explosive play report“.

This time, developed by Monomi Park and launched early access for PC and Xbox, “Slime Rancher 2]and present what is important to you.

Slime Rancher 2What is

Hugely popular with 15 million people worldwide and 85,000 Steam reviews, it has won numerous game awards.A sequel to Yurufuwa’s FPS masterpiece “Slime Rancher”. As the name suggests, “Slime Rancher” is about a farmer who raises slimes and rebuilds his ranch on the planet Hulkhana, 1000 light years away. from the Earth.Beatrix Lebeauwill be the main character once again.

In this work, you will be invited by a letter sent by someone, and it will be a period of new adventure and slow life.rainbow islandI will travel to Alongside the ancient mysteries and nature that are hidden there, collect new types of slime that were not in the previous work and revive the ranch in the new land.

future toolvacuumThe familiar simple actions like sucking and exhaling are the same as the previous work. I gave food to a unique slime and came outPrittCollect and resources, increase money, prepare crops and interior, and develop the basic greenhouse.

This work isSupports multiple languages ​​including Japanese, along with pad operation. You can enjoy the slime of Tsurupuni and the relaxed game plan without any worries.

Everyone is my friend! Chillin ranch life

When it comes to FPS, there is a tendency to think that the threshold is high. But there are no bloody bloody shoots, no flashlights to scare ghosts. With a warm and fuzzy atmosphere, and slime that smiles back even when slammed against the wall, it never harms the player.

At least in the beginning it was all light slime. Sometimesblack slimeHe will come out and kill other slimes, destroy fields and chickens, and sometimes make little things happen. In such a case,You can turn it on and off in the options when you start the game.If you are not good at busy games, let’s look at it.

In terms of game content,Its basic function is to collect dirt and other objects with a hand vacuum and release them in place.. when you inhale somethingslime padIt is registered in the photo book in the game and can be displayed with one touch.

There are countless slimes roaming the field, and if you give them something to feed on they will transform into an object called Plit on the spot. By bringing these prits home and putting them in the prit market in the greenhouse,It is a mechanism to pay the amount according to the current rate.

The money you earn can be used to expand and upgrade your greenhouse, buy tools and new areas. You can also collect slime and keep it in cages in the greenhouse.

I could not stand the painful expression of the slime distorted by hunger, so I was feeding the beans, so it is not known if he would starve to death.He can escape from a cageso be careful.Due to the nature of slime, you can throw as much as you want into a narrow cage, but you can’t let your guard down because they can pile up and jump over.. It would be safer to avoid multiple breeding.

A case of murder on a remote island! ?chickennoaround the time

It was almost halfway through the game when a horrible event happened to this peaceful island. The author, who had no experience with the previous game, got used to the system, and the greenhouse slime economy began to rise, and everything was going smoothly.

Slime staring at their neighbors. That look is like looking at a chicken…

When I think of farms, I think of livestock, so I took them home for fieldwork.chickenI started raising 1 male, 1 female, and 1 chick each. I didn’t have that much time to spare, but as someone who has done farm management simulations many times, I was particularly enthusiastic about raising livestock.

Under such circumstances, I bought a cage for chickens with little money.Sludge treated almost like slavesI started raising livestock for food right next to him..

And then the incident happened. In the short time I took the glowing slime that was weak in the morning to the basement,A pink slime escapes from a cage that was not upgraded. He invaded the chicken coop that was right next to him, and what was left was3 postprandial prits and sticky pink bodily fluids that are not blood poolsonly.

I blamed myself. According to Simepedia,pink slimethe easiest breed to keepSo, he eats everythingomnivorousIt is. Moreover, the prit that comes out is also the lowest price, and is not rewarded at all.

Several suspected pink slimes were found without proof.death penaltyand he was immediately released into the sea.To prevent such a tragedy from happening again,We immediately upgraded the fences in the cage as a countermeasure, and removed all pink slime of the same less valuable type.. At first, they were cute, so they started keeping them, but when they were no longer needed, they were thrown away.

Order is important.
Pink slime left.

The worst threat is attacking the ranch!rabbitsnoresolve when

After that, the cost of removing the pink slime and countermeasures became an unexpected expense, but the greenhouse made up for lost time and recovered a little at a time.the type of breedingherbivorousohrabbit slimelimited tobecome baitcarrot and lettuce fieldThe number of hens reintroduced was also significantly higher than before.

When looking for a rabbit’s favorite slime food, cabbagetabby slimeis found, and this is also collected and thrown into the greenhouse cage.

Tabby slime is carnivorous,previous eventIsolate in a separate cage far away based on a reflection of. Even if they did get away and eat it, the tabby slime prits are the most expensive right now, so that’s fine. again,If you put different types of slime together,They can combine to form a huge species called be careful.

However, the incident will happen again. As soon as I took my eyes off him, the soft music that was flowing in the RPG’s first town suddenly changed to a fierce battle BGM of violently hitting the piano.

By the time I turned around to wonder what had happened, it was already too late. It was as if rabbit slime, which had been randomly collected and forced into slavery, suddenly rebelled.He turned into a huge black slime and attacked..

swallow everythingtar slimeteeth,Largo-like slimes are produced by eating other Prits, and will multiply by randomly preying on other slimes.. It was too sudden, too big like a muddy stream to count, and I had no choice but to give up the fleeing rabbit slime and run away.

The chickens were safe in this disaster, but the ranch was destroyed except for 1 rabbit scum and 3 tabby scum who were somehow saved. The tar slime did nothing, and when morning came it disappeared by itself and disappeared as if nothing had happened.

The slime sacrifice was huge, but the empty space was quickly filled by discovering new areas and catching new species of slime one after another. The story doesn’t progress at all because you mostly make ends meet around your base, but it also has plenty of management resources like early financial strategies, a pinch, and a sense of accomplishment.

I usually play with animals that are overprotective, but in this work, I decided to exploit without considering human rights at all because of the unique characteristics of slime. It could be a good game to check your inner humanity.

Slime Rancher 2 is in early access for PC (Steam / Epic Games store) and Xbox Series X | S of September 23, 2022.

Title: Slime Rancher 2
Compatible models: The model I played on: PC (Steam)
Publication date: September 23, 2022
The author’s playing time at the time of writing the article: 4 hours
Price: 3,090 yen on Steam, 3,080 yen on Epic, 3,700 yen on Xbox


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