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“Aiming” won a good reputation Huang Xuan finally “targeted” this casting

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  Original title: “Aiming” won a good reputation. Huang Xuan finally “targeted” this casting

The smooth rhythm, delicate characters, and interlocking story lines spread out layer by layer. Since the launch of “Aiming” on Dragon TV, word of mouth has been maintained at a high level. This anti-special action drama has quite new ideas in story theme, narrative rhythm, character creation, and plot structure. The lead actor Huang Xuan also reclaimed his declining reputation on the small screen in recent years by virtue of the characters in the play that are very close to him.

The story of “Aiming” began on June 7, 1949. On the eve of the founding of New China, the Kuomintang had gone but was still struggling. The assassination organization “Jellyfish” of the Bureau of Secrecy launched an urban assassination operation. The drama not only has the tense rhythm of spy wars and anti-special dramas, but also establishes the background of the story in a specific area full of legends, the sniper. The main line of the urban anti-assassination story is also a rare theme on the screen.

“Aiming” has a total of 57 episodes, which is a rare large-scale work in current satellite TV dramas, but what is interesting is that it actually only tells a story that happened within 180 hours of eight days and seven nights. The general spy war theme advances the story by creating different events, conflicts, and opponents, allowing characters to grow up in a relatively long time span and in different situations, and “Aiming” is aimed at the main anti-assassination in the city in eight days and seven nights. In the event, the whole drama is marked with a timeline from the first scene, and a full article on the time is used to construct the plot tension.

Telling a story that happened in eight days, the challenge is how to complete the characterization. The story of “Aiming” is led by Huang Hui, who won the “Flying Award” excellent screenwriter, and the play shows mature narrative skills. The core character Su Wenqian appeared with a sense of suspense and mystery. In the process of fighting with the public security personnel, Su Wenqian’s character history continued to flash back, revealing the secrets in the character’s heart: the code-named “Jellyfish” and the code-named “Chi Tiecheng” “Shepherd the fish” Su Wenqian is a senior brother with completely different personalities. Chi Tiecheng’s heart is cold, and there is only task and no favor in his eyes; Su Wenqian has a hot heart and a strong sense of justice. The experiences of the two protagonists are also ups and downs. In a mission three years ago, Su Wenqian was used by Chi Tiecheng to kill his lifesaver and friend Yang Zhiliang with his own hands. Because of manslaughter,

Su Wenqian fell into deep guilt, and from then on, he washed his hands in a golden basin, and hid in the city wharf under the pseudonym “Have thought”, living on woodcarving skills, while Chi Tiecheng wanted to find Su Wenqian and return to his old career. Unexpectedly, after an assassination at the dock three years later, Su Wenqian was accidentally involved in the struggle between the Kuomintang and the Communist Party because his identity as a rescuer was exposed, and the fate of the two was also rewritten again…

In “Aiming”, Huang Xuan changed the way of the professional drama in the past two years. In the past few years, Huang Xuan has tried a lot of chic, self-exposed, and exuding “general boss” roles, but the reputation of one of his works is lower than that of the other, with 5.4 points for “Dear Translator” and 3.7 points for “Entrepreneurship Times”. , “Perfect Relationship” 3.9 points. Huang Xuan’s own personality is restrained. Although actors can use different roles to express their different ideas and states, these ups and downs obviously did not bring him audiences.

In the eyes of the audience, Huang Xuanqianqian’s image of gentleman and Shen Jing Duanfang is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. There is also a melancholy in his body. This unique temperament is very suitable for Su Wenqian in “Aiming” who has been hidden in the city after wind and rain. The surface is calm, but the heart is full. A pure character who struggles and endures silently. In the play, Su Wenqian transforms from a killer immersed in the honor of a sniper into an incognito and repentant person, and then grows from an ordinary person outside the matter to a passionate counterpart who regains a new life in faith. Huang Xuan examines the characters. The ups and downs of cold and hot interpretation are full of inner strength, and the purity of the characters is very convincing by him. “Aiming” has also become Huang Xuan’s first TV series with a 7-point reputation in recent years.

Within the framework of the story of eight days and seven nights, “Aiming” does not allow the high-density spy war plot to run wild, but uses the characters and the relationship to drive the plot. In the play, after Su Wenqian and Chi Tiecheng, a life-and-death partner for more than ten years, confronted each other, they launched a contest between you and me. This kind of rivalry model of knowing oneself, knowing each other and cherishing each other in a duo showdown is both fresh and interesting.

What’s more refreshing is that “Aiming” breaks through the past spy wars and anti-special themes, where the branch only serves as a foil. The story line goes side by side, closely linked, and broadcast to the middle section. The branch line is no less than the main line in length, and the characters are full and the group drama is wonderful. The main line and branch lines intersect with each other to echo the climax.


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