Air raid alert in Baekryong area related to North Korean satellite launch…”Seoul alert sent incorrectly”

  • Baengnyeongdo Bukpo-ri Asylum <사진=연합뉴스>
    North Korea fired a space launch vehicle it claims was headed for the West Sea, and an air raid warning was triggered in the Baengnyeong area.

    The Ministry of Public Administration and Security said today that North Korea issued a warning in the Baengnyeong area by firing a missile it claimed had a satellite placed in the direction of the West Sea.

    However, the Ministry of Public Administration and Security said the emergency text message sent by the city of Seoul at 6:43 am today was sent by mistake, as Seoul does not fall under the warning zone.

    In this regard, the Seoul Metropolitan Government is currently trying to find out the exact circumstances.

    According to the Seoul Metropolitan Government, after announcing the launch of a North Korean projectile this morning, the city issued a warning to citizens, which was spread via mobile phones.

    Accordingly, an urgent emergency message was sent to the citizens, saying, “At 6:32 today, a warning will be issued in the Seoul area. Citizens, prepare to evacuate and allow children and the elderly to evacuate first.”

    However, the Ministry of Public Administration and Security sent a text message saying, “We inform you that the warning issued by the city of Seoul is an erroneous issue.”

    The city of Seoul explained, “We are finding out how the warning text message was sent through the emergency planning office.”

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