Home Entertainment “Air” tells the spiciness of this groom, the monk made it After a man flirts with 2 people at the same time, he has to leave the person who offers to spend 2 million per month.

“Air” tells the spiciness of this groom, the monk made it After a man flirts with 2 people at the same time, he has to leave the person who offers to spend 2 million per month.

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This man got it because the monk gave it to him! “Air Pantila” opens its mind to compose “Ice” in the middle of next year. “Dew” arranges a big surprise, pays Uam, tells the taste of two men flirting at the same time, swinging to check with the two monks who will choose. Telling you to leave a man who will give you a salary of 2 million per month, jokingly saying that money can’t buy it if it’s not enough. Tell the thief to hit the car. He would be shocked. Only 60 Korn Korns hit the bad luck. Answer what did you do with your face? Please just remember the current page.

called happiness aura It was passed through his face. For a very talented actress “Air Pantila Fuklin” who just got a boyfriend “Ice Ratchasit Munkongthanasap” Get married on a trip to America at the beginning of last November But who knew this surprise? He secretly knew before. Today I met an air girl. Who came to film the game show “Shopee 12.12 Birthday Sale”, so I would like to grab myself to answer this a bit. What is it like? Ready to ask about the incident After being hit by thieves in San Francisco

“We feel that we haven’t traveled in the past two years. feel very hungry When I know that I have traveled I knew that I was going to get married. Because my friend pontoon and my friend told me that this is where Dew (Arisara pure gold) go You will be proposed here. Oh, I’m going to get married? Dew prepared it for me. Mr. Dew, he secretly came to ask us first what we took with us. We sent him to see. He said he didn’t have to. He’ll handle it himself Men already know that we know Because the airman asked him if he would propose to me or not.

When our friends hung up, we asked them all. Will I ask to be married? I will prepare properly What shoes am I going to put on? What outfit? It’s not going to be pretty. So what’s the atmosphere like? When we knew first, we wanted to be beautiful. If you really want me she brought her parents Come and ask my mother before we go. because we want parents to know first Didn’t want him to know after being proposed.

It was the first meeting with the Covid situation. When the parents meet and talk, it’s ok, I’ll try to dress pretty. It’s amazing what we’ve never seen before, but lately I miss Thailand a lot. Around the 3rd week, we feel that it’s too long. We want to work. People used to work and it’s quite tired from traveling. It’s a road trip, meaning we keep driving. And came to the jackpot before going home, the car was smashed again, so I felt like going home now.”

knowing that you will be surprised I’m still excited because I don’t know what day it is in what atmosphere
“Excited We try to imagine Where will it be, how will it be We know what day it will be when he will propose to us. But we don’t know what Dew will prepare, what the atmosphere will be like. What men do, we do not know. Air then interviewed him in The air’s channel will see that the aircon interviewed him. What are you prepared to say to me today? Why don’t you practice like this?”

Dew is the contact person. Ready to prepare everything
“Dew didn’t tell the air conditioner. Dew told the team to tell the hotel. Dew told all the air conditioner friends that this time 15:30 arrived at the hotel, do not need to do anything. After 16:00, the air conditioner has to enter the room. Everyone will know, but the air conditioner doesn’t know. “

So I had the opportunity to record the video. to enter your own channel
“Yes, even though we know it, it’s still exciting. Air fan is not a guy who likes to make surprises. Not such a sweet man So it was a feeling that it was one of those times that we could see him doing something sweet. or go down to kneel

It’s an unexpected moment. The men paid in vain.
“That moment we didn’t even think of. that he arranged it as a private courtyard for us We thought that we would follow along with it. Then he asked for it by the pool. I probably wouldn’t be serious. Mr. Dew hired a large set of photographers, hired everything, paid for the money like a fan, it was flooded (laughs).”

Smiling cheeks, telling the scene of kneeling to propose
“He intended to speak. Usually, he likes to joke around. He said he had been talking to us about this for a long time. Today he feels that he is ready to take care of us and our family, we want to live together. Then go down to one knee and say let’s get married. We say that the air conditioner has long since agreed. Thank you for coming into our lives.

Air told him from the first day we talked that if she wasn’t sincere If you want to talk You don’t have to talk because we’re old. He was fine, he tried to approach Fern. Approach Bael as if trying to be close with our friends and come into the group with us.Ask if this person has already met, right? I have to say no. Seriously, we met him at a senior’s birthday party. And we’ve always heard It’s not good to meet people in a travel destination. not serious we feel that way We didn’t open up much.

But my friend said it’s okay. Try not to lose. Now I’m single. I want to have a boyfriend. But we said it was okay. with the situation But he tried to approach us. Walk and talk to our friends all the time. If you don’t believe me, you can ask Fern. He said that Ice is serious about the air conditioner. Fern cheers for him too. He said this to Bael as well. The air conditioner can hear it. He’s always telling me what’s going on. I’m happy.”

I agree with this person because I agree to try.
“Ayre agreed with his efforts. Actually, the air conditioner always rejected him. time to meet him because we want to be with our friends We feel that the people who will come You have to get along with our friends too. because our friends are weird Our friends are not like others. But he will be hidden with our friends. It’s like this very often But we saw him sitting like this. until making his friend and his gang become the same group So he is close to both his friends and our friends. At first, the air conditioner only saw his friend sitting without him. His friends would have told him and he would have tried.”

This man got it because the fortune teller had a lot.
“A lot of people have to tell you that at that time, the air conditioner was very confused. Air conditioner felt that we didn’t want to be in a relationship with 2 people. We were single for a very long time.I’ve been single for over 3 years. Two people came in at the same time, we didn’t know what to do. one is older We feel that the older person should be serious. And it’s more suitable for us because the ice is 4 years younger than the air conditioner. We feel that the child is not worth it. He still works.

In the end, we decided to pay respects to the monks. The airmen took them to the two monks. because at that time the air conditioner was confused I don’t know who to choose But let’s go each day so that the monks don’t get confused. The guy at first didn’t know. But now all the country is known I’m sorry for secretly taking you to Czech (laughs) when I took the first one. You don’t have to tell, you don’t have to tell you, but if the second person goes, you have to let them know. Reverend Father, this one is for each person. Wait, Luang Pu will Ae… and what will you say?

Ask if you want to tie your luck I mean, he didn’t say anything. He didn’t look at the date of birth at all. But this Reverend After looking at it, he said that this person was, this person was not, and then he said that this person could take care of it.

revealing another older man Submit an offer without working just stay at home Will give a salary of 2 million per month.
“To stay at home and give 2 million per month, that is, in fact, the basics of air conditioners are working people. If I could do my job I want to be valuable in myself. In work, you don’t have to come out of your mouth. that she stopped working I’ll give you money And if one day you leave me So how do I start? have the same idea with his different ways of speaking But the air conditioner didn’t really believe that it would. And the air conditioner is so diligent Everything works like this Air conditioners take good care of themselves too (money can’t buy me?) If that’s not enough (laughs) say 40 million I’ll go (laughs).

Call it success or not? I don’t know, but I want it to be beautiful like this forever.
“Air doesn’t know because right now it’s just the beginning. Air can’t tell how successful or beautiful it will be. But today the air conditioner feels beautiful. Air conditioners are happy with this society where air conditioners stay with their friends and girlfriends, like being surrounded by people who love us. Just like this, the air conditioner is very happy and I want it to be beautiful like this forever.”

called this love Auspicious time to talk about in the middle of next year
“That’s right (smiles). The auspicious part is discussed in the middle of next year onwards. It’s a very wide conversation. I haven’t seen any seasons. (Will you go to see the auspicious occasion with the same Luang Pu?) We have to check again which Luang Phi is good at which side. Maybe not the original Reverend We are still not real Or maybe let your parents help each other look at it again.”

Got a best friend to help organize the event. like when requesting
“Air said it must have Dew now. But I already told you, Dew, Bael. He knows what the air conditioner likes. He should be able to help you think about it, but in terms of details we are probably the ones who put in the details the most.”

The end of the trip was very thrilling. Was hit by a thief, damaged the main car, the picture still persists, but it is considered unlucky
“So thrilling, it was something everyone warned. hear all the time Everyone told me not to put anything in the car. because otherwise the item will be lost. we always hear I never left anything behind in San Fran. Only San Fran. that everyone warned We carry our handbags all the time. Until that day was time left, so I went to the outlet to buy things for the team. bought a lot

It appears that as soon as I go to the outlet We have an appointment to eat at a reserved restaurant. I thought that in the back of the car there wouldn’t be a problem. The bag is only black. There is a surveillance camera right here. Just take your handbag. Shopping bags that we bought It probably won’t go away, I think. It turns out that when we put things in the car, walk into the restaurant, friends suddenly run after telling us that the car has been smashed. We are hey! just entered the shop Are you telling the truth? friends say it’s true

So I shouted to the people in the shop. That help with the car being smashed. I ran to see it with my own eyes. that there is a parking thief compared to a rat car and then smashed the rear window. and smashing the side glass Then put his hand into the car and picked up the thing as if thrown into his car. Then jump in the car and close the door. When I saw it, there was probably 1 driver and 1 thief, but my friend who saw it at first said that 3 people came down.

The picture caught my eye and I yelled at him, seriously, I was really shocked because the air conditioner ran alone without thinking of my life. But I’m not going to fight him. He felt that if he could shock him, he should have gone. He had a shopping bag. It’s all the shopping stuff that everyone puts. The main thing is all mine. The total damage of mice and girlfriends should be almost a hundred thousand.

Well, I didn’t buy anything. As you know, America is a city where things are expensive. We just want one set of shirts for our parents, that is, to say that actually bought underwear for the brothers and sisters. This brand is from America, so I swept it away. The thief would be shocked. Opened it and found 50-60 underwear and hit it badly.”

no noid comment Severe surgery until the face changed. I don’t know how to answer Just remember the new face!
“Actually, I think a lot of people comment like this. Comments come up all the time. I’m just indifferent, but I don’t know how to answer him. Suppose someone asks, Make a face until you can’t remember. I don’t know how to answer him. So I replied to him, ok, then reset again. Remember this page, how do you answer it? is with the present Many people say that they like the same page.

So what do you do now? It’s this one. If so, remember the new page. and travel together from now on Remember this one I don’t think anything has changed. Ask Noid It was a little disturbing. Honestly, I didn’t make that much face at all. I think I’ve lost almost 10 kg and I injected Botox fillers and it was just that thin. Not the person who did it and didn’t tell. not serious not anti-surgery Who is happy to have plastic surgery? Do it. Your face, your body.

I did some lip injections, some nose fillers, some cheek fillers, thread threads, but I didn’t smash it. When he played the movie, P’ Phat (Pach Anon) last year, he just had a hundred, and his face was swollen. He told P’Pach that P’Pach was a very indifferent person, asking if he wanted to stop at all. No, the air conditioner liked it. fill with filler A little bit of botox, skin thermage, we work here, use our face to work, the audience wants to see something beautiful. Just act not to get old quickly.”

ward off addiction to thinness Eat normally, not afraid of getting fat.
“About thinness The air conditioner was confused. skinny guy addicted to thinness I think I’m strong. Air said it’s not about being fat, being skinny. I’m never afraid of being fat. I never ate anything because I was afraid of getting fat. but care more about health such as not eating sweet don’t eat too much because it is not good for health But when asked if I want to eat, I can eat. Eat a little and then stop eating. That’s all.”

health in mind not taking into account obesity
“I don’t care about being fat. Because we used to be 10 kg fatter, we still feel that we are still our character. I’ve been working like that for a very long time. I’ve been working all the time. Actually, Air Conditioner feels that health matters are more of a concern than many people say to Air conditioner that they are worried. Are you really thin, are you too thin, etc.?

I want to say that if you are worried about your health Concerned about mental health In what I will say in each word In the critics, some people like to say that the air conditioner is very thin. give me some tips Are some people skinny? Are you malnourished? It’s very spiritual. that I don’t know how to answer But the air conditioner felt that the comments But it’s better to put it in a more polite position when the reader doesn’t hurt too much.”


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