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AirPods Lite Revealed! Since Apple launched the AirPods wireless Bluetooth headphones, there has been a wave of true wireless Bluetooth headphones in the market. Recently, it was reported that Apple plans to launch a lower-priced AirPods model to take advantage of the affordable Bluetooth headphone market.

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Apple recently released the iOS 16.4 RC version to developers Some developers found a new AirPods headset with model A3048 and another AirPods case with model A2968 in the iOS 16.4 RC code, although the model is not yet confirmed, which AirPods headphones are A3048, but Apple only launched AirPods Pro 2 last year, so it is believed that it is likely to be the rumored cheap version of AirPods, and it may be named AirPods Lite. According to sources, the price of this AirPods Lite will be as low as US$99 (about HK$772).

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