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AirPods Pro / Max now supports Apple’s Find My network.It’s easier to find than ever | Gizmodo Japan

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Pretty good update.

A convenient way to find Apple products such as iPhones, iPads, and Macs.seekApp..Easier than ever with the recently delivered firmware updateAirPods Pro/MaxYou can now search for!

AirPods have always been the last to connect to a device using the Find My iPhone appLocation intelligenceCheck or from earphonesMake a soundI was able to do that. However, the latest version delivered the other day (4A400), The following functions can now be used on AirPods Pro / Max using the “Find My iPhone” app.

For AirPods Pro / Max

・ Display of location information

・ Search –Around this area

・ Sound playback

・ Lost mode (marked as lost)

・ Notify when detected

・ Notify when you are away from your hand

Notifies you when your device is awayForgotten item prevention functionIs safe even if you misplace your AirPods Pro in a park or restaurant.

again,“Find” networkIt’s true that it’s easier to find your AirPods Pro / Max than ever before, but there’s one thing to keep in mind here.

AirPods Pro, one of Apple’s easy-to-lose products, gives you peace of mind with the “find” network. Image: iOS


When you press the “Search” button, an animation like this will be played. However, it took some time to recognize the device because it uses Bluetooth to grasp the location information between terminals.


Unlike AirTag, there is no indication such as “how many meters left”. Listen carefully and look for earphones.

AirPods Pro / MaxU1 chipSince it is not equipped with, it is not possible to grasp accurate position information up to several centimeters. Animations like searching for AirTag from iPhone will be played, but when searching for AirPods Pro, “Close“, Listen carefully and look for it.

Hundreds of millions of Apple products used daily around the worldseekA “search” network that will help you. Now I’m less worried about losing my precious belongings again (I wonder if AirPods with U1 chips will be announced at next week’s event …).

Source: Apple

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