AIS joins forces with TOYOTA to move forward with the mission “Thai people without E-Waste”

AIS joins forces with TOYOTA to move forward with the mission “Thai people without E-Waste”, aiming to bring electronic waste into the Zero Landfill recycling process according to international standards. Strengthening work with the leader in integrated waste management, “West Management Siam”

With 435,187 tons/year of e-waste in the country, less than 10% of the waste goes into the proper recycling process, meaning it is having a huge impact on the environment. and became an invisible darkness because it cannot be decomposed and also leaves toxic residues That’s why the private sector like AIS intends to rise up to raise awareness among Thai people about the impact of improper disposal of electronic waste. Ready to continue working with partners in all sectors, both the public and private sectors continuously. To encourage and be another channel to dispose of electronic waste properly according to international standards. Recently, we have joined forces with Toyota Motor Thailand Co., Ltd., one of the members of TBCSD – Thailand Business Council for Sustainable Development, an organization formed by the integration of Thailand’s leading business sectors that are leaders in sustainable development. 40 organizations, with AIS being one of the members of TBCSD to work together in this field.

Both organizations have a common goal of operating and environmental campaigns to lead to sustainable solutions for e-waste. both the establishment of a pickup point and a collection of electronic waste at TOYOTA’s office, and have developed a complete process of e-waste management, or the Value Chain, from waste classification, disposal, sorting, recycling, destruction to reuse. Ready to launch a collaboration with Toyota’s partners, namely West Management Siam Company Limited or WMS, the leader in waste management of all types. with the intention to be a part of taking care of the environment of Thailand By bringing knowledge from the parent company, DOWA Eco System Ltd., Japan, which has been developing technology for more than 140 years, to enhance the efficiency of using E-Waste collected from the project. Enter the Eco Friendly recycling process according to international standards. by focusing on cooperation in the preparation of electronic waste before entering the recycling process With the Fix Combustion Furnace of WMS that has adopted the gasification management technology from Japan. To help remove residual hazardous substances at the right temperature. Maximize the environmental impact from the incineration process

The furnace is considered part of the project. “Hybrid car battery management used and integrated” that Toyota and its business partners began to operate in 2019 to lay the foundation for management throughout the product lifecycle. Promote the concept of a circular economy through jointly building a used hybrid battery management system. since the storage process Quality assessment and put through the process to be reused for maximum benefit under the guidelines of reuse (Reuse), recycling, reuse (Recycle) and new production (Rebuilt). Toyota has joined forces with West Management Siam Company Limited in battery melting operations. to bring the metal ore from the process into the recycling process However, the project does not limit cooperation to support used hybrid batteries from car manufacturers only. but also open to support other business related to all types of batteries as well

Mrs. Saichon Sapma Udom Head of Public Relations AIS Department said, “The continuation of the project, Thai people without E-Waste, allows AIS to work with various sectors. that all have many of the same goals This is to build a stronger partner in the process of managing e-waste from upstream to downstream more and more completely. Both raising awareness of the problems and impacts of E-Waste and setting up pickup points across the country. Until the process of bringing E-Waste into the proper management, more than 240,125 pieces (as of the end of October 2021) this time is another important step in cooperation with partners such as TOYOTA, the leader in the automotive business. Focus on environmental campaigns and West Management Siam Co., Ltd., a specialist in all types of waste management with world-class technology for a long time. to enhance the ability to manage electronic waste that we take from the people into the management process according to our goal of Zero Landfill recycling properly in line with international standards.”

Mr. Nantawat Srivarat-Atchakul Acting Executive Vice President, Toyota Motor Thailand Co., Ltd., said, “Toyota globally has a mission to drive its business along with creating a Carbon Neutrality Society. It is a product life cycle management that Toyota Motor Thailand Co., Ltd. has worked with with all sectors in the business chain. as well as business partners Work together to develop innovations to lay the foundations for achieving these goals. One of the past projects was the “Comprehensive used hybrid vehicle battery management”, which is not only ready to support used hybrid batteries from car manufacturers. But we are also ready to serve all types of customers in other industries. This has led to a collaboration in e-waste management with AIS, which is another large organization with a vision of balancing the environment for society to create sustainable growth of its business as well.”

Mr. Hiromitsu Takaki, Executive Director of West Management Siam Co., Ltd. added that “We are a service provider. Manage all types of waste environmentally friendly in accordance with Thai regulations and international waste management standards Especially the issue of e-waste management, which is still a new issue that many people overlook without realizing that the consequences can have serious consequences for both health and the environment. For working with AIS and TOYOTA this time, it is an important start to create awareness in this area for Thai people. Of course, we would like to be a part in maximizing the value chain of the E-Waste management process. By using the potential and knowledge from 140 years of experience from Japan to manage electronic waste in an environmentally friendly way and lead to Recycle-Oriented Society or a truly recycling society.”

Ms. Saichon said at the end that “We try to make Thai people understand the process of e-waste management from the beginning. to proper disposal and recycling according to standards To this day, the process in various steps began to be expanded and more effective through the power of partners in various fields with the same ideology Of course, we continue to set goals of working in the environment. As a private sector that is ready to work with all parties to solve the country’s e-waste management problems in all dimensions.”

On the occasion of Thai Environment Day, December 4, the Thai People Without E-Waste project invites Thai people to dispose of electronic waste properly at AIS stores nationwide and win 22 5G smartphones. In the AIS E-Waste campaign, get lucky and watch the whole process of managing E-Waste from the beginning to the end of AIS at


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