AITC Kingsman Gaming KP800 4TB: Affordable and High-Performance SSD with Price Reduction

AITC Kingsman Gaming SSD Offers Affordable Storage Solution During Computer Festival

The annual Computer Festival is known for its exciting discounts and promotions on various tech products. While the price reductions on solid-state drives (SSDs) may not be as substantial as expected, AITC stands out as one of the few brands that offers a flat rate reduction. Among their offerings, the AITC Kingsman Gaming KP800 4TB SSD has garnered much attention due to its affordability, dropping to an enticing price of $1,599 during the festival.

One of the key features of the KP800 4TB model is its built-in DRAM Cache, enhancing its performance capabilities. With specifications up to PCIe 4.0, the read and write speed of this SSD can reach impressive speeds of over 6,500MB/s. Additionally, it comes equipped with a slim heat sink, making it compatible for use with the popular gaming console PS5, as well as any new computer upgrade.

Although AITC offers other models within the KP800 range, they may not boast the same attractive qualities as the 4TB variant. Nonetheless, their affordable prices make them still worth considering for those seeking reliable storage solutions.

Key Features of AITC Kingsman Gaming KP800 4TB SSD:

  • Price during the Computer Festival: $1,599
  • Built-in DRAM Cache
  • Specifications up to PCIe 4.0
  • Read and write speed surpasses 6,500MB/s
  • Includes thin heat sink for compatibility with PS5 and new computer upgrades

For further inquiries about the AITC Kingsman Gaming KP800 4TB SSD, please reach out to Zhansheng.

SSD price reduction during the computer festival is not high, but AITC as a flat rate is one of the few brands that have a price reduction. Its most affordable model, the KP800 4TB, dropped to $1,599 during the Computer Festival, and the price has not increased until now. It has a built-in DRAM Cache with specifications up to PCIe 4.0, so the read and write speed can reach more than 6,500MB / s, and it also comes with a thin heat sink that can be used for PS5, so it is not a problem to upgrade PS5 or a new computer. As for the other capabilities of KP800, although the prices are also affordable, they are not as attractive as 4TB.

AITC Kingsman Gaming KP800 4TB:$1,599
Inquiry: Zhansheng

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