“Ajarn Adam” admires “Ingfah” dares to speak English on stage Hit hard for those who like to find fault.

“Ajarn Adam”, a famous language teacher, admires “Ingfah” for daring to speak English. Loudly, do not pay attention to the sound of the birds, the sound of the crows.Yan make love means you can create love.

Adam Bradshaw YouTuber English teacher and famous presenters Comment on facebook Drama case of English use of “Ingfah Waraha” on the stage of Miss Grand International 2022 via Facebook page Master Adam note that

Adam watched the clip of Khun Ingfah answering questions in English and was very impressed by her ability to speak English on a global stage that was seen by millions. But of course, some people must be bitten by the fact that she can choose a double word, even though the listeners know what she is saying, which is to make love, referring mainly to sex. But it can also be translated to create love. If you want to avoid ambiguity, you can use create love, build love or give love.

Now, the important point is why there are nitpicky people who always pick. It is good if we blame for the cause, but the grammar police (grammar police) who often extort against you. And finding fault with satisfaction doesn’t help at all!! It makes Thai people more afraid to speak English because they are afraid of being criticized, teased, or provoked. Should we turn to supporting each other?

In fact, if we want to be good in a second language, we must have the courage to say the wrong thing. otherwise it will not develop Let me tell you that If you dare not speak wrong, you will never be right. Because people who want to be successful in learning a language must take mistakes as lessons by learning from trial and error. Don’t expect perfection from yourself or anyone else. But use Adam’s slogan to learn English: Learn from your mistakes and laugh at your mistakes. I can assure you that if you have this attitude your English skills will improve from strength to strength. Don’t pay attention to the sound of birds and crows Forget the haters! come on

“The funny thing is that no one in foreign countries has seen this play because everyone understands what Ingfah is going to convey. Why do you have to come to the point of drama in Thailand, haha?”