“Ajarn Jet” reveals clear numbers. Covid-19 ripple has entered the “peak point” of the outbreak.

which the graph plotted today that includes the cost of the infected person from the examination PCR and ATK (See the gray line on the left), it should be confirmed that We have passed the peak. and the epidemic is about to go down according to the original assumption that Omicron strain of covid There will be an epidemic that comes quickly – quickly within a frame of 2 months.

which is consistent with neighboring countries like malaysia that started this epidemic at the beginning of February just like our Thais But the number of tests per population Theirs is quite a lot more than ours. The graph will clearly see the path. that it has reached the peak And it’s going down as well (in Thailand, the number of PCR tests is quite limited at about 50 thousand per day, so it’s fixed at about 2.5 thousand.)

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