Ajarn Katha Chinabanchorn reveals the luck of the next prime minister to be “Year of the Tiger” and “Year of the Pig”

When asked whether the “Year of the Rabbit 2023” will be a “Cheerful Rabbit” or a “Worthy Rabbit”, find out the answer from “Ajarn Katha Chinbanchorn”, the original Muhai Pang, to add power to life.

Katha teacher He revealed that everything will be clearer in 2023. reveals that the past policies and management of “Uncle Grandpa” General Prayut Chan-o-cha Prime Minister Right or wrong and how good is it for the country? Until then we will feel proud to be Thai. and satisfied with the government’s previous answers Even if it is criticized “Uncle Grandpa” But entering the year 2023, Thai people will think that it is lucky during the COVID crisis The government decided to solve this kind of situation. If the score is out of 10, Thailand will get 8- 9 points, expanding the word that the general economy is good. well compared to the global economy which has not recovered yet because Thailand will recover faster than others Or at least we will be rated as good as anyone else.

Ajarn Katha Chinabanchorn opens the horoscope of the next prime minister

When asked whether Thailand would have a new Prime Minister or not, he replied that there was a big chance of big changes. A new Prime Minister was born.Year of the Tiger or Year of the Pig has the most outstanding destiny in the year 2023 because it has “Hokchae star” or the lucky star means there are two patrons who help and keep getting “Star Tian Hee” or promising stars be considered a good vision No matter what happens there will be good luck. There may be virtue falling over. The second person entitled to win is someone born in the year of the Goat and the Year of the Dog, who has “Dao Bun Chiang” or the philosopher’s star lighting up life indicating progress in the field of work, but if the prime minister is the same person who was bornthe year of the pig it will be a year of work Although the public is more willing to accept the work of the last 3 years

Na Satree news team, Thai Rath newspaper

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