Ajintai Thailand organizes all events. “It shook the whole industry”

On December 3, 2022, the “Miss and Mister Deaf Universum 2022” stage competition was at Show Dc Rama 9, led by the big manager as Madame Lisa Pinyapat Teerapiriyakorn (Madamliza Pinyaphat Teerapiriyakorn) Chief executive of Ajantai Corporation Co., Ltd. In this event, our big boss joins the French copyright holder, Mr. Arne (Arne Blumeier) by organizing a competition for the hearing impaired stage. It has been organized worldwide for more than 9 full years and 2022 is a good time that Achintai Thailand has held. Organize the competition as the host of Thailand to welcome the parade of all the winners from the Miss & Mister Deaf stage from over 25 countries around the world, including more than 40 lives, to gather and perform activities in Thailand. Starting from November 27, 2022, Ajintai Company Organized a parade in Thai costumes Welcome to the airport in the traditional Thai culture style, everyone who comes to participate in the competition. I am very impressed with the hospitality and generosity and service.

Start of the press conference at the Baiyoke Hotel on November 28, 2022, giving the contestants the sash. And take them to have a meal on a luxury boat together Viva Alangka Cruise to see the atmosphere along the banks of the Chao Phraya River. sharing a meal AND walking on the boat in a magnificent way. The event was cute, friendly, and people were very interested in organizing the Ajintai Thailand event. Maybe many people have not seen it yet. Forum for the hearing impaired How was it organised, unable to speak, unable to hear, and how to act? This is a difficult problem for Ajintai Thailand in organizing such an event. But the mind was organized in every sense.

during the confinement period We have brought Thai clothes from Teerak Wedding Studio for the contestants to wear and learn how to make Thai style garlands, make bua-loy desserts, eat Thai food and Thai style desserts. Followed by an elephant trekking trip with Thai costumes around important places in the Ayutthaya arcade. Everyone was smiling. even if he can only speak the smiling masses Thank you for the non-stop welcome.

On the day of the preliminary round on December 1st We have organized the first round of competitions for fans, followers. and hearing impaired people in Thailand were present On that day, there were also representatives of beautiful women from the Miss Earth Thailand stage who came to join as one of the judging committees in the preliminary round.

Mangpo Jitana Kengkarnana / Miss Earth Land Thailand 2022
Natcha Natchaya Meesom / Miss Earth Fire Thailand 2022
Ashley Saruta Mahasingh / Miss Earth Air Thailand 2022
Fongfoam Nattrawee Jeansathit / Miss Earth Water Thailand 2022

in various training sessions We practice thoroughly. Don’t let outsiders visit before we have a surprise. Make it clear that a platform for the hearing impaired has the same rights as hearing people and can do anything as a normal person, who can have a career and practice
They can also live in society as usual, and this is the main objective that Madamliza Pinyaphat Teerapiriyakorn, chief executive of Achintai Corporation Company Limited, has decided to join the event to give back to society. And is Thailand host in this event too

On December 3, 2022, he reached the final round of Ajintai Company. There was an event in the dc show hall, 6th floor, a real practice and competition, a final round to make perfect perfection.
1 Deaf Masters Universum 2022 Thewinner, Male, Vietnam
2.Miss Deaf Universum 2022 Thewinner, female, including Germany
3. Mister Deaf Universum 2022 1st runner-up, male: Bhutan
4. Miss Deaf Universum 2022 1st runner-up, female: Russia
5. 2nd runner-up Mister Deaf Universum 2022, male, namely Hong Kong
6. 2nd runner-up Miss Deaf Universeum 2022, female: Cyprus
7. 3rd runner-up Mister Deaf Universum 2022, male: France
8. 3rd runner-up Miss Deaf Universsum 2022, female: Vietnam
9. 4th runner-up Mister Deaf Universum 2022, male: South Africa
10. 4th runner-up Miss Deaf Universum 2022, female: Mexico

National costume: Mister Deaf Bhutan for men and Miss Deaf Mexico for women.
The swimsuits are Mister Deaf France for men and Miss Deaf Cyprus for women.
Special awards for Photo Genic man: Mister Deaf Vietnam and Miss Cyprus woman

Inside the event, there was a chairman to open the event, Mrs Yuthika Isarangkura Deputy Permanent Secretary for Culture

and has a judging committee of experts and important people in the entertainment industry as follows
1. Madame Lisa Pinyaphat Thirapiriyakorn
Managing Director of Achintai Corporation Co., Ltd.

2. Miss Lukkade Mathinee Kingpayom
actress, model, actress
and muse director by fethinai

3. Khwan Tassanee Wantong Mr
CEO of Vega Natural Co., Ltd.

4. Nab Dao Ong Apichart
Consultant and Organizer Miss & mister deaf universum

5. Professor Dr Kriengsak Charoen Wongsak
President of the Nation Building Institute

6. Nattanun Suksriwong Mr
Founder and CEO, One Degree Community Co., Ltd.

7.Thanyasa Tajinda – President of Mister Altitude World and World Fitness Supermodel Organization

8. Saruda Nimpitakpong
President and Chief Executive Officer
IDX Entertainment Company Limited /Idol Exchange

9. Dr. Nelson Lee
Business Adviser

10. Teacher Kim Na Nara Kornprechasakul
KMS Makeup Studio

11. Luang HONGYU
Chinese deaf people

12. Silvia Camarena is deaf.
CEO of Miss & Mister Deaf Mexico

13. Diego DE JESUS
Mr Deaf Stars 2021

14. Emily Balode
Miss Deaf Stars 2021

15. Dr. Sarinya Sittachai (Mother of Nong Kaem Bum)

16. Khun Id Ratchadaporn Ketthet, CEO of Teerak Wedding studio

And everyone who received the award also received a gift ticket on stage from Weerakit Thanawutprasert. A representative of Ajintai Wellness Clinic and Spa Company and gave it as a Gif Voucher to the contestants. everyone also when visiting the most luxurious spa in the town area in the town

To conclude this event, Khun Fredorche Pongchitnu Peeradajirawat, CEO of Ajintai Entertainment said, in addition to hosting the Met Gala Ajintai Thailand 2022, Miss & Mister Deaf Universum 2022, creating artists under the band such as Z 22 who have already released songs for the youth market, such as the King song next year, it can be said to continue to build dreams for young people to choose models, new faces to join as artists and actors
under Ajintai Entertainment By participating in the Miss & Mister Ajintai Thailand 2023 Brand Ambassador competition for marketing and public relations Thai and abroad as intended by the company let the whole world see the potential of Thai children who have the ability and how talented

Madam Lisa wants to give Thai youth the opportunity to be assertive. And show their ability to the limit. Ajintai is ready to push people who have dreams. not just dare to dream But it will make the dreams of the young people come true.

Finally, I would like to thank all the sponsors who put this event together. Let’s get merit together and follow all the channels of the happiness and entertainment center on Facebook Ajintai Entertainment and anyone who wants to use the service in the clinic and spa. You can come and use the service at the Ajintai Wellness clinic and spa on Town in Town Road.

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