Ajith does not want to be known as Thala. Requests fans call him AK | Ajith Kumar: Ajith asks not to be called “head”

Chennai : തലയെന്ന് (Thala) Well known Tamil actor Ajith Kumar (Ajith Kumar) Now he has come to the scene asking not to be called the head. Films and other information are usually shared through the account of Ajith Kumar manager Suresh Chandra. Ajith has asked not to be called the head by the same account still.

He said he could call him Ajith, Ajith Kumar or AK. Ajith became known as Thala after the film Deena directed by AR Murugadoss. Ajith has a lot of fans. Ajith has many fans in the film industry and beyond.

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Ajith is currently acting in the movie Valimai. The film will be released for Pongal next year. The film is produced by Bonnie Kapoor. Vijay’s Beast will be released at the same time. This is not the first time that Vijay and Ajith have teamed up for a teaser.

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Filming of Valimayi has been completed and post production work is in progress. Filming for Valima was completed in Russia last month. The film is written and directed by H Vinod. The motion poster for the film had been released earlier. The movie comes with great action scenes. Valimai is the second collaboration between Ajith, Vinod and Bonnie Kapoor.

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