“Ajonwit” Champion of PPTV’s Class Swing, Stadium 6, Bang Pakong

Achonwit Anantasetakul rising star from Phitsanulok Whack Even Par 144 won the Class C Men’s Championship from the “PPTV Junior Golf Tour” Tournament No. 6 at Bang Pakong Riverside Country Club, Chachoengsao Province on January 16th. In the female category, Monica-Ning Yao Chuu, an 11-year-old Chinese girl from Chonburi, who scores 2 over par 146, won the championship in this model.

This list is organized by Junior Golf of Thailand Club (JGTC) competed between 15-16 January last at Bang Pakong Riverside Country Club, Chachoengsao Province. The competition is divided into 5 Class A-E, male-female, after 2 days of competition, Junior-Ajonwit Ananta Setthakul from Phitsanulok made even par 144 to win the Class C (men) championship and was the best score in this field competition. Class C (Female) the champion belonged to Monica-Ning. Yao Chuu, an 11-year-old girl from Chinese descent from Chonburi, who scores 2 over par 146 in class D, the male champion goes to Taiton-Jesada Khuangprayoon from a total score of 6 over par 150 and the female category is Irene-Yanisakan Rattanaphokasathit score 9 over par 153

Class A male champion belonged to Thanatson Supinrat from Udon Thani at a score of 17 over par 161 while the female category belonged to Tasanee Kamphaengnil from Samut Sakhon at a score of 7 over par 151. Class B male-female champions belonged to Silver Pound – Phuriphat Wichianchai, a total score of 12, over par 156 and Aim-Emaon Manirit, a total score of 18, over par 162, in the class E, male champion, is Cheng Yuan Chuu from China, 8 years old, with a total score of 7, over par 151 while the female type Nong Tang Tang – Worawan Tossaensin, total score 8, over par 152

For the 7th field competition, it will be held from February 26-27, 2022 at Khao Yai Country Club Golf Course, Nakhon Ratchasima Province. 1368 Line ID: 0863611368 or website

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