AKG Center attack: Jit was given something like chocolate, Sudhakaran gives strange justification | Kerala | Deshabhimani

KPCC KPCC President K Sudhakaran Rangath came up with a strange excuse to defend the Youth Congress leader who was arrested in the attack on AKG Centre, the headquarters of the CPI-M State Committee. In the past, the Youth Congress worker was placed in front of the SP, given something like chocolate and taken away from him by telling him what he felt in his mouth. Sudhakaran said that the police also gave chocolates like this to Jeet, who was arrested in the AKG Center bombing case.

Congress would not have looked at the AKG Center attack if the operators were blamed. Don’t scratch your head with a flame. Sudhakaran also told the media that if the detained activist is not released, he will march to the police station on Friday. Sudhakaran said that the photo of RSS leader VD Savarkar was placed in the Bharat Jodo travel campaign by accident and the reason was an error when the image was searched on Google.

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