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Thiruvananthapuram/Kannur ∙ KPCC president K. Sudhakaran MP said that the attack on AKG center was a drama of LDF convener E. P. Jayarajan and that this is not the equinox season for bursting firecrackers at midnight in front of the party office. We are relieved that Jayarajan was not hit by the shards of the broken firecracker. Otherwise, it would not have enough space to accompany the bullet, which is said to have been there for a long time. Two lies are too big for one head. The attack is one of Jayarajan’s ‘lack of intelligence’. The CPM leadership should take the initiative to keep such an intelligent convener in a museum instead of AKG center.

Jayarajan used thugs in Thiruvananthapuram to save the accused Chief Minister and his family from controversies. An attempt is being made to destroy the significance of Rahul Gandhi’s visit. The image of the man in the CCTV camera is not clear. How did Jayarajan, who immediately reached the spot, identify it as a Congressman? On the day Rahul arrives in Kerala, will anyone in the Congress be ready for such stupidity? The CPM leadership should realize that the people of Kerala are not as brainless as the LDF convener. Sudhakaran also said that the CPM is unleashing violence on a large scale under the cover of the AKG Center incident.

Pinarayi is the first Chief Minister of India to face charges of sedition. Sudhakaran also demanded that Pinarayi Vijayan should answer all the allegations even about his daughter.

∙ LDF convener EP Jayarajan’s statement that the Congress is behind the incident is pure nonsense. There are mysteries in the midnight attack on the AKG center when Rahul Gandhi’s visit to Kerala is about to take place.’ – MM Hasan, UDF Convenor

∙ It is to be suspected that the attack on AKG Center is a ploy to divert public attention when the face of the government and the Chief Minister has been lost. There are many mysteries in the incident. The delay in arresting the accused also increases the momentum of suspicion. Failure and negligence on the part of the police should be avoided.’ – Ramesh Chennithala, Former Leader of Opposition

English Summary: K Sudhakaran about blast at AKG Centre in capital

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